Cheater terrified of being busted by wife leaves repairman note begging him NOT to fix phone and still pays him $200

Cheater terrified of being busted by wife leaves repairman note begging him NOT to fix phone and still pays him $200

April 12, 2021

THIS phone repairman revealed just how far love-rats will go to hide their indiscretions. 

In the video, we can see that a customer’s phone is totally broken, as the phone screen shows glitchy, squiggly lines. 

When the repairman lifts the screen off, however, instead of seeing a normal phone interior, he reveals a secret hand-written note and a wad of cash.

The outrageous note shocked the repair man – and 11 million viewers.

The note begins with desperate pleading from the guilty customer: “Please don’t fix my phone! My wife is gonna kill me.”

And the petrified cheater goes so far as to pay the repair man to leave the phone as it is.

He writes: “Keep the $200 for you. Thanks.”

Tucked behind the note, $200 in cash is folded neatly for the repair man to collect.

The repairman was entertained by his customer's sneaky behaviour.

"I love when customers cheat on their girlfriends", he remarked, adding a laughing emoji.

Viewers were absolutely stunned, but different people issued a lot of very different advice.

Some curious commenters thought the repair man should fix the phone just to get the scoop on his customer’s scandalous behaviour.

“Keep the money but fix it just to see why he panicked lol”, one viewer advised.

Others insisted that the repair man ought to tell his customer’s wife about the incident.

One simply wrote: “Expose him.”

“Take the money, fix the phone, then show the wife”, advised one viewer.

“The gf deserves to know”, said another shocked commenter.

Some people, however, thought the repairman should cover for his customer and keep the information secret.

One sneaky viewer suggested: “Simply fix it and restart it so the customer can get his phone and his gf won’t notice anything.”

Many commenters debated about whether the handwriting belonged to a man or a woman.

Some were sure that the love-rat was a woman.

"That's a woman's handwriting", said one commenter.

Another wrote: "Guys don't have that type of handwriting."

While some were adamant that the guilty party was a man.

"My brother writes like that", asserted one commenter.

"So y'all never met a guy who had nice handwriting? Ok", said one sarcastic viewer.

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