Can you spot the TWO accidentally camouflaged cats in this photo of a garden centre? | The Sun

Can you spot the TWO accidentally camouflaged cats in this photo of a garden centre? | The Sun

October 6, 2022

THIS photo of a garden centre has people stumped on the internet as they try to spot two cats – can you find them?

The two cats, Max and Emma, are accidentally camouflaged as they take a nice little nap in the bright sunshine.

East Bay Hardware uploaded the photo to Twitter which has got viewers scratching their heads as they try to spot the chilled-out kitties.

Some Twitter users seemed not to have any problems picking out the cats in the picture, with one writing “I’m so excited. Found them.”

Others though found it harder going to pick out both of them.

One person wrote: “One was easy and the other wasn't but should have been. I didn't look in the right place.”

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Another who obviously lived not too far away said: “I only see Emma. I will have to find Max by stopping in person.”

Someone else seemed to give a clue for anyone struggling to find them by writing: “Made in the shade.”

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