Brunello Cucinelli Continues to Support the Fight Against Coronavirus

Brunello Cucinelli Continues to Support the Fight Against Coronavirus

March 18, 2021

KEEP FIGHTING:  Brunello Cucinelli, through his fashion company and the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation, has developed a collaboration with the Umbria region’s administration to create a vaccination center active in the next few days inside the Parco della Bellezza in Solomeo, the restored medieval village that houses the brand’s headquarters. The entrepreneur indicated this development earlier this month during a conference call with analysts to discuss his namesake company’s performance in 2020.

Cucinelli won’t only offer the location for the center, but will also pay the salaries of the 16 individuals in charge of administering the vaccinations. According to the company, 1,200 people are expected to be vaccinated every week in the center financed by Cucinelli.

In April, the Italian company partnered with the Università degli Studi university in Perugia to research the best diagnostic and management strategies to implement safety in the workplace. Coordinated by Prof. Antonella Mencacci, the pilot study involved 1,000 of the fashion company’s employees who volunteered to be tested as a research base.

In conjunction with the official announcement of the creation of the vaccination center in Solomeo, Cucinelli released a letter addressed to the company’s employees, who he wanted to publicly thank for their work and dedication during these complicated times.

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“My heart is with you for your courage and the patience you have so effectively demonstrated in this period of pain and uncertainty – the same that I felt,” wrote Cucinelli. “If in our enterprise now economic and human positivity reigns, if we can imagine Italy enriched by the gracious reception of our creations, if all this has come about with special genius and craftsmanship, I certainly owe it to you.”

Cucinelli, who expects a positive rebound in the near future after the darker days of the pandemic, in particular praised some values that he could perceive in his employees, including a sense of responsibility, dedication, creativity, understanding, closeness, and the sensitivity to interpret the experience of pain as an opportunity for maturation and self-reflection.

Describing his employees as “faithful navigators, soldiers mustered for the painful challenge,” he dwelt on the incredible added value that his artisans bring to the company. “Indeed, artisans appear to me as real poets, they know how to seamlessly unite technical skill, artistic vision, taste, finesse and quality in original products,” the entrepreneur wrote. “I believe I owe it to you if, in this period, we may have created the most beautiful collections in our history, affirming a genius that unleashes its creativity precisely when things get difficult. During this intense period we have worked with the same courage as in more serene times and this is what has kept us united.”

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