British women cheat MORE than men – but male sex robots will stop them straying, claims psychologist

British women cheat MORE than men – but male sex robots will stop them straying, claims psychologist

February 14, 2019

Dr Wednesday Martin flips everything society believes to be true about gender and love on its head in her latest book Untrue and argues us ladies actually get "bored" of monogamy much quicker than men.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, the best-selling American author, 53, said: "We have severely underestimated female libido.

"We know women tend to get bored of monogamous partner sex more quickly than men do -most of them experience a serious drop in desire in years one to three of a relationship.

"What’s interesting is a lot of women who appear to have gone off sex in a long-term partnership haven’t really gone off sex.

"In fact, if they could be with a new partner or even a sex robot, their desire would come roaring back."

Dr Wednesday said technology has given a new generation of women the freedom to cheat, thanks to easy hook-up apps like Ashley Madison – which is designed to help arrange affairs.

But she reckons tech could also help keep those with wandering eyes faithful, by giving them a way to spice up their love lives.

Women tend to get bored of monogamous partner sex more quickly than men do

She said: "There's a lot of fuss at the moment about sex robots. Notice how most of them are designed to be like Barbie dolls to appeal to men.

"When we look at the data which shows women go off monogamous sex more quickly than men do, and men remain more excited about having sex with a long-term partner over time, we should really be designing sex robots for women.

"Women who need variety and sexual novelty and adventure just as much as men do could really benefit from some sex robots designed and marketed for them.

"Then women wouldn’t have to cheat. Wouldn’t it be nice if technology could help women address this need that they have?

"I think that could be a positive thing for long-term monogamous relationship."

Women see a 'plunge' in sexual desire by year three of their relationship, according to new research

But if a sex robot is the answer, it doesn't come cheap.

Companies like Realbotix started creating male sex robots, complete with bionic penises, early last year – but the £11,000 bots are yet to hit the mainstream market.

Meanwhile the female sex doll market is booming, with men even being able to visit robotic brothels.

Most sex dolls look like Barbie dolls. We should really be designing sex robots for women

During her studies into why women cheat Dr Wednesday cited two long-term studies by German researcher Beatrice Klusmann – which she says show women don't really have lower sex drives, they're just bored of monogamy.

She said: "Both studies show that desire among men over a 90-month period ebbed and went down slowly, but female desire plunged within the first three years.

"Interestingly it didn’t happen to women who lived separately from their partners.

"Female desire doesn’t do well with domestication. We think it’s men whose libidos riot against life at home with kids etc.

"But when we look at the data we see nothing dampens the female libido like moving in together, putting a ring on it and being desexualised by roles like becoming a mum.

"These are realities women struggle with more than men.

"We’ve been taught exactly the opposite – that men get married, get into a long-term partnership then start to itch, to roam, they yearn to wander but women to do."

When it comes to us Brits, Dr Wednesday also reckons women are more likely to cheat than blokes, and it could have something to do with influential female figures like the Queen and Theresa May.

She cited a 2015 YouGov survey in which 20 per cent of men admitted to cheating, compared to 19 of ladies.

She said: "It's tricky to know how many women cheat because they tend to under-report anything sexually stigmatised, even in an interview.

"When you factor in that women tend to under-rate their infidelity more than men, what we see is women may well outpace men in infidelity, which might surprise a lot of people.

"I think it could be related to Great Britain having had female monarchs and Prime Ministers.

"In societies where women have higher rates of meaningful political participation, you'll also see they have more autonomy sexually. That's one possible explanation."

Valentine's Day is normally a time for loved-up couples to gush about how perfect their relationships are.

But Dr Wednesday reckons it's the perfect time to have more serious talks – and maybe even offering up a free pass for cheating.

And, instead of asking for jewellery this year, the ideal gift could be drawing up what she calls a Monogamy Contract.

Dr Wednesday explained: "I think it would be great on Valentine's Day, or at any point, for women to do what I call a Monogamy Audit.

"Most of us don’t ever have a conversation about monogamy. We presume it, but the truth is monogamy makes a fair amount of people feel unhappy.

"I think we need to get to the point where people have a conversation about it.

"Valentine's Day is a wonderful opportunity to have a frank talk with your partner about what romance and sexual excitement means for both of you.

"Given that women get bored of monogamous sex more quickly than men do, a hall pass or at the very least a conversation about it seems like something worth considering."

Valentine's Day is a wonderful opportunity to have a frank talk with your partner – a hall pass seems like something worth considering

As past of her research, Dr Wednesday interviewed 29 women ranging in age between 19 and late 60s, all of whom had cheated.

She said: "All of their motivations for cheating were very different, but what they had in common was they wanted adventure, excitement and to feel lusted after – and they weren’t getting that from their long-term relationship.

"People might judge them for that, but I think if we stop judging women and start looking at their motivation, it’ll help us understand all women.

"In a way women who cheat are every woman. They have the same feelings many women have, they just act on them.

"I am not anti-monogamy, I think it works for some people, but most of us will struggle at some point – and being female does not protect you from that."

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