Bridezilla gives guests a cringe ‘kissing menu’ to use if they want to see the newlyweds snog at the reception – The Sun

Bridezilla gives guests a cringe ‘kissing menu’ to use if they want to see the newlyweds snog at the reception – The Sun

July 5, 2019

FEW would disagree that newlyweds can do exactly what they want at their own wedding.

However, one bride and groom have raised eyebrows with a "kissing menu" for guests on their big day.

A post on a wedding shaming Facebook group revealed a picture of instructions detailing tasks attendees could perform in order to watch the couple lock lips.

It read: "If you want to see the newlyweds kiss…a clink of the glass won't cut it!

"We're going to make you work for this!"

The "menu" then told guests to choose from a list.

Challenges included "newlywed trivia" where guests had to answer one of ten questions about the couple on the back on the paper, before they could see them embrace.

Another, called the "French toast", stated that the newlyweds wanted some "advice for a long and happy marriage" before kissing.

There were two even more bizarre options.

One, named "take your chances" asked guests to flip a coin.

"Heads – the bride and groom will kiss," it read. "Tails – you kiss another guest."

The fourth option – called "the exquisite example" – asked guests to demonstrate a kiss for the couple to copy.

Members of the group were shocked by the strange "menu" and called it "gross".

One person, who had experience of such a "menu" at another nuptials, wrote: "Spoiler alert: no-one wants to see you kiss that bad.

"Entire night went by without anyone using these cringe-worthy alternatives."

Another commented: "This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen."


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