Bride transforms £4,000 wedding gown into cocktail dress for her honeymoon

Bride transforms £4,000 wedding gown into cocktail dress for her honeymoon

May 20, 2022

What will you do with your wedding dress after the big day?

It’s the kind of garment you tend to only wear once, and after a night on the dance floor it can sit in storage gathering dust for years. Which may be why more brides are opting for eco-conscious rental gowns.

However, there is also the option of transforming your wedding dress into something you would wear again – which is exactly what lifestyle influencer Taylor Popik did.

Taylor bought a stunning floor-length dress for her wedding – which was in August 2021 – and spent over $5,000 (£4,000) on the floral lace Tony Ward Bridal gown. It had a classic silhouette and a modern, plunging neckline.

Rather than selling it on, or saving it for her future daughter’s big day, Taylor decided that she wanted to get more wear out of the beautiful garment.

‘I was debating preserving it, but I have a feeling that my daughter – if I have one one day – will not want to wear my 35-year-old wedding dress,’ Taylor said in a TikTok that has since gained more than 3million views.

‘I decided to repurpose it, chop it short, so I can re-wear it. And I’m going to wear it on our honeymoon in Italy this summer.’

You’ve been CHOPPED

Taylor took the dress to a local tailor, who cut the item above the knee, transforming it into an elegant party dress.

She says she plans on wearing the short version of her wedding dress for special occasions, including on her honeymoon to Italy this summer.

In another TikTok, Taylor even shared how she planned to style the new version of her dress, teaming it with a cream, oversized blazer a white bag and strappy white heels.

Reply to @angiepangie1908 There she is!

Taylor isn’t the only bride to use her wedding dress again. One eco-friendly bride told how she used lace from her gown to strain sprouting beans during lockdown.

Another revealed that she made a new gown for her second wedding using fabric from her first wedding dress.

Did you transform your old wedding dress into something else entirely?

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