B&M shoppers discover ‘hidden feature’ in £2 heart-shaped Christmas bauble

B&M shoppers discover ‘hidden feature’ in £2 heart-shaped Christmas bauble

November 10, 2020

SHOPPERS have been flocking to the shops to stock up on Christmas decorations early, with bargains at B&M sending people into a frenzy.

And many customers are desperate to pick up this £2 heart-shaped bauble thanks to a particular 'hidden feature'.

Eagle-eyed shoppers have been sharing their find online pointing out that the silver sequin-encrusted ornament actually opens so you can put items inside.

But it's not just anything people are putting inside, as many are using it to store ashes, so those they've lost can be a part of their festive celebrations.

One shopper picked up a few from the bargain store – which remains opened during lockdown – and thanked others for sharing the heart-warming idea.

She said: ""Thank you to the person that posted the other day about these ornaments to put ashes in… got one for each close member of my family and put a little card with a message on each one."

People took to the comments to praise the idea dubbing it "beautiful" and "lovely".

One person wrote: "It’s a beautiful idea for beautiful Angels xxx”

While another said: "Aww that’s a lovely idea and beautiful ornament."

Many others said they were desperate to pick one up in store so they could do the same for a family member they've lost but it appears they're hard to find.

A few shoppers pointed out that many B&M stores have since sold out due to popular demand.

"I need to find one of these for my mum," one person wrote.

While one woman offered: "Out of two stores I managed to get 7 … if anyone can’t find any locally I’ll pop one in the post."

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