Bloke who asked his wife to wash his car is HORRIFIED as she soaks the interior & people think she ‘wants a divorce'

Bloke who asked his wife to wash his car is HORRIFIED as she soaks the interior & people think she ‘wants a divorce'

December 6, 2021

HOW would you feel if you left your window open while going through the drive-through car wash?

For this unfortunate bloke he found out the hard way, but it wasn't a machine to blame.

He joked that his wife shared a video of herself 'cleaning' the inside of his car on Tiktok as @wagonturbo.

The video shows him using a power hose on the dashboard and steering wheel of the car as he rinses off a pink foam.

Written over the video is: "Asked my wife to wash my car and I get this video sentto me at work."

Clearly a joke, the video creator makes videos on Tiktok about car interiors from Austin, some of which have millions of views.


The video has 3.2million views and some were asking if divorce was on the cards now that his wife had 'ruined' his car.

Commenters on the video said: "I mean at least its clean and smells good.

"Is there still time for divorce." One said.

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"You mean ex, right?" many asked.

"That for sure a divorce," some were convinced.

One even said he would respond to the video with: "You doing anything at 7 we gotta fill out our divorce papers."

Some were more concerned about the car, saying: "Does your car even work

"Your forgot to wash inside the gas tank," joked another.

He then made a second video with the same writing over it and got comments like: "What happened to her?"

"Where is your wife?" As many seemed to be going along with the joke.

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