Best colour to hide grey hair: How to dye grey roots

Best colour to hide grey hair: How to dye grey roots

March 1, 2021

Holly Willoughby and Davina McCall dye hair at home

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Grey hair is nothing to be embarrassed about, everyone’s hair will turn grey eventually. When you begin to go grey depends on your genetics, nutritional habits, and lifestyle. If you have spied a lot of new grey hairs sprouting up and don’t want to embrace the silver fox look just yet, you can dye your hair to cover it up. chatted to hairstylist and founder of MAYFIVE Hair, Katie Allan, to find out the best colour to dye your hair to hide greys.

What’s the best colour to hide grey hair?

The best colour to hide grey hair depends on what colour your natural colour is.

Katie explained: “Most commonly when people spot the first signs of grey hair they think it’s best to go ‘lighter’ as this will help to disguise the greys as they come through.

“Whilst there is some truth in this, you don’t want to go so light that when you get a regrowth line, the natural colour is still there.”

Essentially, you need to consider your skin colour and natural hair colour when picking a shade – don’t go more than a shade or two lighter or darker.

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If your hair is naturally blonde with a warm or pink undertone to your skin, you should go for a warm honey blonde.

If you have a yellow or blue skin tone, you can pull off an icy white blonde over your greys.

Brunettes and redheads should opt for a lighter shade than their natural colour to cover the greys.

Hair goes grey in different patterns, so think about whether you need to dye your whole head of hair or just a few sections.

Katie said: “The factors you want to consider is the colour of your natural hair and the majority of your hair that is going grey.

“If your greys are only a mild scattering, you need to consider whether putting colour over all of your hair will be high maintenance, as it will change the colour of not only your greys but the natural colour around them.

“If you have only a few greys around the temples, it’s quite easy to just cover these up and not all of your hair.”

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How to dye grey roots

There are plenty of dye kits on the market that will allow you to easily dye your grey roots at home yourself.

Divide your hair into four sections. Make a parting down the centre of your scalp to your neck and then other through the middle of your hair from ear to ear.

Use clips to separate these sections and put Vaseline, coconut oil or hair conditioner around your hairline to prevent dye stains on your skin.

Mix up the dye, stick your gloves on and start brushing the dye into your roots in one of the bottom quadrants.

Avoid dying hair that is already colour – just focus on the grey roots. Repeat this with every section of hair and then let the dye develop for the recommended length of time.

Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and style it as usual.

You can simply go through your hair section by section and paint the grey roots, or choose to work them into your look.

Katie said: “You may prefer to embrace your greys and not opt for full coverage colour, then I’d suggest a baby light technique.

“This involves using a colour that is only slightly lighter than your natural colour to help mimic the greys coming through, this will make your hair feel slightly lighter overall – but in a sun-kissed fashion.

“This won’t give you 100 percent coverage of the greys, but the benefits are that your regrowth will be much softer and more subtle.”

This will be much easier to achieve with a professional and experts would advise against trying this by yourself.

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