Beauty fan’s urgent warning after removing her press on nails at home as she says her talons will never be the same | The Sun

Beauty fan’s urgent warning after removing her press on nails at home as she says her talons will never be the same | The Sun

June 26, 2023

WHILE press on nails are the perfect alternative to getting them down professionally, taking them off isn’t always easy. 

And after attempting to remove them by herself at home, one woman was left with weak, brittle talons. 

Sharing her story on social media, Jess told viewers: “I can’t believe I ruined my nails because of this…” 

Showing a short clip of her pink and white press on nails, she set about making a mixture to soak them off, which involved mixing olive oil, water and what appeared to be acetone together. 

“I mixed up my usual concoction for removal and I soaked them for about 15 minutes,” she continued. 

Putting O.P.I.-branded cuticle oil on, she placed her hands into the small bowl before using a small cuticle stick to try to remove the nails. 

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“And this is where everything started  to go downhill,” she explained. “They did not budge. Then I remembered I left a thin layer of builder gel under the press ons.” 

In an attempt to solve this issue, she decided to soak her nails in straight acetone instead. 

At first, she thought the press on nails were starting to budge, but confessed she eventually began forcing them off as a result of impatience. 

She went on: “So I got scared and decided to just remove them the gel x way because there was not going to be any other way that this was going to get done.” 

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Clipping the end of the nails off, she then used a nail tool to file off the gel polish before placing acetone cotton buds on her fingers and wrapping them with foil. 

“I stuck my hand inside heated mittens,” she continued. “I left my hand in there for about 15 minutes.

“I remove all the foils and I start to scrape off the gel, but at this point, the damage had already been done.” 

Showing the results of her work, viewers could see the surface of her nails looking rough and brittle. 

“Take this as a learning lesson and don’t be like me and if you’re going to apply press on nails, make sure they’re to bare nails,” she added as the video came to an end. 

People were quick to flock to the comments section of TikTok user @jeesslizs’s video as one person wrote: “Nooooooo!!! This looks like a gel that can ONLY be filed down and not soaked! I’ve done the same thing and it was trauma!!!” 

Jess replied: “Yes I applied reg nail glue on top of the layer of builder gel and they bonded to the maxxx,” alongside a crying emoji. 

Another said: “As a nail tech, I never recommend this.” followed by a shock emoji. 

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A third shared: “That happened to me too, now you have to heal and care then very much with oil and nail stronger. And very important do a break with nail tips”. 

And a fourth added: “I was about to order stuff from amazon and make the same mistake soooo thank you”. 

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