ASOS mocked for bizarre dress which looks like 'Cinderella after the ugly stepsisters shredded her outfit'

ASOS mocked for bizarre dress which looks like 'Cinderella after the ugly stepsisters shredded her outfit'

February 11, 2019

Bemused shoppers have compared this satin frock to the Disney star's original pink dress after she was attacked by her ugly stepsisters, leaving it in tatters.

Shoppers have mocked this bizarre ASOS dress which they say looks like Cinderella after being was attacked by the ugly stepsisters

In the original 1950 film, her cruel step-family trick Cinderella into thinking she can come to the ball – before wrecking her beloved dress, which had belonged to her late mother.

The jealous sisters rip the frock apart, after accusing her of stealing a necklace and a sash from them and calling her "you little thief!"

The story's hardly prime fashion inspiration for your next night out, but ASOS Curve's 'colourblock satin midi dress' with 'tie detail', bares an uncanny resemblance to the shredded frock.

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French illustrator Lucie Larousse brought the fashion blunder to our attention, tweeting: "Asos why do you want girls to dress like Cinderella after her evil stepsisters shredded her dress?"

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the dress is struggling to sell – and is currently on sale for £15, reduced from £38.

The 100% polyester frock, which is available in sizes 16-26, has spaghetti straps and a loose-fitting design – topped off with two tied sashes and a contrasting coloured bottom half.

Commenting on Lucie's tweet, more baffled shoppers wrote: "Cinderella's dress looks better" and "wtf is that even ???"

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