Argos is selling full body-length hot water bottles for £25 to keep you toasty this winter

Argos is selling full body-length hot water bottles for £25 to keep you toasty this winter

February 4, 2019

With the UK in the middle of a cold snap, keep yourself toasty all night long with the latest offering from Argos.

The homeware store is selling The Body Hot Water Bottles for £24.99.

They come in two colours, grey or polka dot, and are covered in a soft fleece material.

At 75cm long – nearly two-and-a-half-foot long – there’s more than enough to keep you snug.

The website claims the bottle stays warm for up for six hours using less than one kettle of water, and there’s a strap so you can tie it around your shoulders or waist.

  • The Body Hot Water Bottle, Argos, £24.99 – buy now

Fans have been praising the giant bottles online, leaving a number of five-star reviews.

One person wrote online: “Forget your boring old bottle you've been using each time you get chilly this time each year.

“This hot water bottle is something I wish existed years ago. I can use to fully heat my bed before I jump under the sheets!

“I can cuddle it around me on the sofa! I can even share it with my wife!

“Show me a regular hot water bottle that can do that.”

Another person praised the design, saying: “Works well, looks good, does what it says on the tin. Would definitely recommend.”

Captioning their review ‘wife loves it’, this person said: “Great hot water bottle.

“Massive size but fills with one boil of the kettle. Definitely recommend it.”

And this person said: “Excellent product ideal for anyone with aches and pains or just wanting to stay warm pottering in the greenhouse.

“It’s uses are unlimited. A master stroke in terms of updating an old fashioned item.”

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