Aldi and Asda both changed their logos and no-one noticed – and they’re not the only ones

Aldi and Asda both changed their logos and no-one noticed – and they’re not the only ones

March 14, 2022

WE see them on an almost daily basis.

But the logos for stores such as Aldi and Asda have had some changes in recent years – although you'd be forgiven for not noticing them.

A TikTok user has been taking to the social media site to share "logos that changed without you even noticing", with their latest video showcasing how some supermarket symbols had been altered.

The Aldi symbol previously featured six thin lines forming the A, with Aldi written underneath in bold letters and a yellow, orange and red line forming a box around the outside – with the yellow line thicker than the other two.

But the new logo has six thicker lines forming the A, with the three coloured lines of equal thickness, and Aldi written in wider letters.

"The new aldi one I didn't even realise had happened lol," someone commented on the video.

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The change to the Asda logo is even more minuscule – with the shade of green the only thing to be altered.

Instead of the bottle green, it's now more of a bright apple green.

"I can just imagine the meeting that went on for weeks to change the logo for Asda," someone commented on the video.

"Asda changed loads," another person joked, while a third wrote: "Old Asda one was better in my eyes."

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The Morrisons logo is the one that appears to have changed the most – from a black M inside a yellow circle with Morrisons written in black beneath.

It's now got Morrisons in green lettering, with yellow leaves above the "i".

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In another video, the TikToker showed the change to the Starbucks logo – from the Starbucks Siren in a black and white circle inside a green one reading "Starbucks Coffee".

It's now got the Siren in green and white, with no writing at all.

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