20 Monochromatic Outfit Ideas That Prove One Color Is the Way to Go

20 Monochromatic Outfit Ideas That Prove One Color Is the Way to Go

January 5, 2022

When it comes to style solutions that check every box — low-effort, fashion-forward, playful, and (preferably) comfortable — monochrome outfits continue to reign supreme. Although wearing one color head to toe was once considered a somewhat bold choice, the trend has evolved into a classic way of dressing, beloved by red carpet-going celebrities and sweatsuit-lovers alike.

Still, there's more to nailing the monochromatic look than simply slipping on those pre-made matching sets. If you're hoping to spice things up this year, there are a few key moves that can help you do so, from adding accessories to alternating between different shades.

Gather some inspiration for a future ensemble, ahead.

Add Accessories

If you're slipping into a jumpsuit or dress, or already matched your shirt to your pants, complete the look by adding a coordinating hat, handbag, or sunglasses to provide some extra oomph.

Keep It Comfy

Sticking to a single color can make your comfiest clothes — such as an oversize sweatshirt and yoga pants — feel a bit more elevated.

Slip On Those Sneakers

An easy way to nail the trend? Your favorite dress or jumpsuit with comfy footwear of the same color.

Reach for Structured Bottoms

Bright purple pants make even more of a statement with the help of a matching shirt and jacket.

Try a Turtleneck

Layer it underneath a tank dress to create a look that's perfect for chilly days.

Don’t Forget a Coat

For the winter months, go all out and dare to match your outfit to your outerwear.

Think Outside the Box

Silver and gray are similar colors, so pairing them together can create a monochrome-like outfit, too.

Go with a Scheme

So what if nothing matches perfectly? Wearing multiple shades in the same color family will keep things interesting and spice up a simple combo. And yes, accent colors are allowed when doing monochrome.

Reach for a Suit

Then pair it with a coat or T-shirt of the same color to take things up a notch.

Bring on the Beige

The color may have reputation of being boring, but wearing the neutral head-to-toe and incorporating multiple standout pieces can help make it feel more lively.

Double Up

Should you look be missing a little something, add a shirt that's similar in color but just different enough to create a pop. Then, match your accessories to that specific shade, creating a colorblocked, monochrome outfit.

Stick With Something Simple

All you need is to match your top with your bottom and done! It's super easy, especially for those summer months.

Don’t Overlook Tiny Details

Such as a bag that matches your look or the shade of your sunglasses. There's no such thing as going overboard here.

Play With Texture

Skip the basics. Faux fur, leather, lace, and the like are a great way to add some interest.

Mix Prints

While the trick may seem confusing or chaotic at first, it's easier and more streamlined when the items are part of the same color family.

Spice Things Up with Sequins or Sparkle

Or a bright accessory. The contrast will really pop against your monochrome outfit.

Incorporate Personal Style

Dressing in a monochrome outfit doesn't mean you have to abandon the pieces you love. Work your favorite graphic tee or platform sneakers into your look, just make sure everything is a similar color.

Try Different Proportions

Such as a crop top with high-waisted pants or a long duster jacket with shorts. There's no wrong way to pull off this look.

Don’t Overthink It

If you're feeling intimidated, begin with the basics, or simply match your jacket to your dress.


Even items you wouldn't normally pair together somehow look great when they're part of the same color family. Go ahead and try it.

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