YouTube Couple Joey Graceffa & Daniel Preda Announce Split After Six Years Together

YouTube Couple Joey Graceffa & Daniel Preda Announce Split After Six Years Together

July 13, 2020

YouTube stars Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda announced their split after six years together on Sunday in an emotional 14-minute video titled “we broke up.”

The pair explained to fans they had actually parted ways three months earlier, but have continued to live together in their home up until now, with Preda in the process of moving out when they recorded the video.

As they both wiped away tears, Preda said:

“This has been really, really, hard, and an uncomfortable decision.”

Joey added:

“It’s obviously easier to stay. We’re doing what’s best for us, and we both know that this is what needs to be done, and what we both need to do to be happy. I don’t think either of us have been happy for a while.”

Apparently, this had been on their mind for the “past couple of years,” and it was the time in quarantine which gave them the opportunity to finally put an end to their relationship. Graceffa explained:

“We didn’t have any distractions to keep us from what has been building up over the past couple of years. And finally with the time given to us, we were able to look at it closer and make the decision.”

The pair maintained they have nothing but “love and admiration” for each other, and will be splitting up their dogs, but will take care of each others’ animals when one is out of town. They also shared they will maintain playdates for their huskies, and Joey plans to continue his close relationship with his ex’s mother.

We’re wishing Joey and Daniel the best moving forward.

Watch more from them both (above) and let us know your thoughts (below) in the comments.

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