You can now buy a self-heating coat to stay warm in winter – but it’s not cheap

You can now buy a self-heating coat to stay warm in winter – but it’s not cheap

February 7, 2019

Breaking news, we’ve just discovered the winter coat to rule all winter coats.

Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but Ralph Lauren’s new self-heated puffer jacket is honestly a dream come true for anyone who’s sensitive to the cold.

The designer label first gave the world a glimpse of their genius creation during the Winter olympics in Pyeongchang, where they were worn by the US team.

However the heated down jackets have now been made available to the general public – as long as you’ve got a spare £799 lying around.

Available in sizes XS to XXL, the jacket is powered by an app and uses "cutting-edge technology" to help you battle the elements.

What this means is that there’s a battery pack fitted inside the front and a heating component in the lining of the coat, which allows heat to move around the torso.

The jacket’s polyester shell is filled with white duck feathers for extra padding and cosiness.

For pocket lovers, there’s plenty to be found here, with one on the left chest, two on the waist and two inside the breast of the jacket.

If that weren’t enough, the design, which is available in navy blue or silver, also features a drawstring hood, drawstring hem and elasticised cuffs, with American flag patches on the sleeves.

Ralph Lauren also have a second more expensive version of their heated coat, called the Polo II Heated Jacket.

This particular garment comes in white, is inspired by space suits and the 90s and will set you back a whopping £999.

According to Fast Company, who tested out the jackets, the battery packs can last up to eleven hours on a single charge.

People on social media are loving the look of the futuristic coats, with Ralph Lauren’s tweets about them garnering hundreds of likes and shares.

One person simply commented: "Wow!!"

Another said: "I want one."

A third branded them "groovy."

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