Yikes! Matt Damon stepped on an 8-foot python while visiting Chris Hemsworth in Australia

Yikes! Matt Damon stepped on an 8-foot python while visiting Chris Hemsworth in Australia

November 12, 2019

Matt Damon has a hair-raising story about the last time he visited friend Chris Hemsworth in Australia.

Speaking Monday on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the “Ford v Ferrari” star shared his most recent experience visiting his pal in the land Down Under. Damon has visited Australia several times over the last few years after he made an appearance in 2017’s “Thor: Ragnarok” with Hemsworth. 

“He says you’re extremely bad luck,” DeGeneres said of Hemsworth. “First of all, Australia – everything there can kill you. We know that. But he said he’s lived there forever and nothing’s ever happened until you’re there.”

Damon concurred, recalling his most recent visit, where he stepped on an “8-foot python” on his way to the beach. 

“I was getting out of a car. That’s how many things in Australia are, like, crazy,” Damon said. “We were going to hike down this little trail, and I got out of the car and stepped on something that felt like a giant piece of wood.”

But don’t worry, Damon fans: The snake was so big it “didn’t even really notice” what had happened. 

“I jumped off of it in my flip flops and it just kind of kept going,” he said, before DeGeneres gave him a hard time for wearing open-toed shoes in a place known for creepy critters.

“It’s true, you should wear full armor at all times,” Damon joked. 

Rumors arose last year that Damon was planning a move to Australia after The Daily Telegraph newspaper in Sydney reported he was looking at a house in Byron Bay, near Hemsworth’s home. The report suggested it was inspired by anger over President Donald Trump. 

Damon spokeswoman Jennifer Allen said at the time that he had been visiting frequently but was not planning on relocating. 

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