Will Prince Harry give an interview to Tom Bradby, or any interviews at all?

Will Prince Harry give an interview to Tom Bradby, or any interviews at all?

December 6, 2022

One of my favorite sub-genres about the British media’s royal coverage is when they act like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have to “promote” their projects in conventional ways. The British media behaves as if Prince Harry will need to do some kind of grueling promotional book tour to promote Spare and that “the only way” they can sell their stuff is by giving interviews and doing appearances. As if Harry & Meghan can’t dominate national and international headlines for merely existing and thriving no matter what they do. Why would they even need to do dedicated promotion for their Netflix series when the American and British media is giving them millions in free publicity? Well, the British media still believes that Harry will “need” to give interviews to promote Spare, which is why they believe Harry will turn to his old friend Tom Bradby.

Prince Harry has held talks with royal pal Tom Bradby over a TV interview, it’s claimed. It would help promote Spare, his memoir out in January.

Executives at Harry’s publishers Random House have held talks with ITV news anchor Bradby for a lengthy on-camera chat, say sources.

The news could cause further friction between the royals, with Bradby, 55, a friend of both Harry and Prince William, who attended both of their weddings, caught in the middle. William chose the ITV man for his exclusive engagement interview back in 2010. The journalist spoke to Meghan and Harry during their tour of Africa in 2019.

Insiders say informal talks are ongoing as Harry is holding out until after the release of the Sussexes’ Netflix series next week.

“The publishers want Harry to promote Spare in the UK,” the source said. “Tom Bradby has been close to Harry for a long time. He is someone Harry can trust.”

Last year Bradby admitted the brother’s falling out was “difficult” and he felt “a little bit caught in the middle”.

[From The Daily Mirror]

First off, I do think it’s possible that IF Harry does a British interview, he would select someone like Bradby. He trusts Bradby and Bradby has been loyal and fair to Harry and Meghan. So much so that Prince William briefed the Daily Mail in April 2021 about how he “no longer trusts” Bradby and how William is cutting off Bradby because Bradby is so fair to the Sussexes. William was (and still is) very angry that Bradby is still in contact with Harry. Now, do I actually think that Harry will even bother to promote Spare in the UK? Um, why would he? It’s going to be #1 everywhere no matter what. The British media will give Harry millions in free publicity. Why would Harry bother? Here’s another question: in general, do you think Harry will give any print interviews? I feel like at least one magazine interview will probably come out in the next month. Vanity Fair? GQ? Esquire? Men’s Health?

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