Why Graham Norton and Stanley Tucci love a scarf like Clive Myrie's

Why Graham Norton and Stanley Tucci love a scarf like Clive Myrie's

April 16, 2022

From frontline reporter to fashion icon: Why TV’s male stars Graham Norton and Stanley Tucci love a scarf like Clive Myrie’s

  • Clive Myrie’s trendsetting neckwear has set the fashion agenda in recent weeks
  • Graham Norton and Stanley Tucci have donned similar scarves, often cashmere
  • Myrie’s Jamaica-born mother was a seamstress for 1960s designer Mary Quant
  • Even younger stars like Thomas Brodie-Sangster, 31, are getting in on the act

He won plaudits for his coolness under pressure while presenting from Ukraine’s front line – but now Clive Myrie is attracting praise for his trendsetting neckwear.

The BBC’s foreign correspondent and Mastermind presenter has a fondness for accessorising his outfits with fetching chiffon scarves, even combining one with a T-shirt when he appeared on The One Show earlier this year.

He also wore one on the red carpet at the National Television Awards last September when he sported a grey and black polka dot scarf with a traditional tuxedo.

Myrie won plaudits for his eye-catching chiffon scarf and tux combo at the NTAs last Autumn

His fashion-forward style, which has been described as ‘London media attire’, certainly seems to chime with film and television celebrities – and not just when it’s chilly outside.

Dapper chatshow host Graham Norton is regularly seen sporting a neckwarmer, and the 59-year-old often twins his scarves with blazers and jeans.

American actor Stanley Tucci, 61, has also been spotted using a scarf as a fashion accessory. The former fashion model is known to favour cashmere ones.

Neckwear has become all the rage among TV’s leading lights from Tucci (left) to Norton (right)

The trend is also popular among younger stars. Thomas Brodie-Sangster, 31, best known for his role as Sam in the romantic comedy Love Actually, was seen wearing a scarf at a party this year.

ITV football pundit Ian Wright, 58, is another dedicated follower of the fashion and regularly wears a scarf – even when he is broadcasting from a studio or attending a celebrity party. Journalist Myrie, 57, one of the hardest-working presenters on TV, has won applause on social media for his scarves.

And last week he unexpectedly revealed his passion for fashion, even though the BBC pays him a clothing allowance only for Mastermind and not for his anchor role on BBC News.

And it’s not just the elder statesmen: Thomas Brodie-Sangster, 31, wears a scarf to a party

The star, whose Jamaican-born mother worked as a seamstress for 1960s designer Mary Quant, confessed he enjoys buying himself expensive clothes. 

The presenter, who has collected luxury watches for decades, said certain designers suited him better, adding: ‘Paul Smith doesn’t work on me as much as Armani does.’

But he added: ‘I only wear suits if I have to.’

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