'Were You Just Playing Guitar?' Tegan and Sara Discover Music in New Trailer for Biopic Series 'High School'

'Were You Just Playing Guitar?' Tegan and Sara Discover Music in New Trailer for Biopic Series 'High School'

August 12, 2022

The adolescent lives of twins Tegan and Sara are headed to the small screen. On Friday, Amazon Freevee released the trailer for their new show High School, based on the memoir by the indie pop duo, out Oct. 14.

The clip follows the two sisters (played by TikTok creators Railey and Seazynn Gilliland) as they navigate high school together, complete with plenty of adolescent angst and teenage rights of passage, like experiencing their first kiss and discovering their sexuality.

“I think it’s better having it be our secret,” a girl suggests to Sara after they share a kiss.

But admist their own self-discovery, the two also discover their love and talent for making music.

“Were you just playing guitar?” asks Tegan when she finds her sister in her room with the instrument, before asking to hear the song she was playing. Sara then plays the guitar and sings the lyrics to the amateur tune she just had written.

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“Tegan didn’t go to school today / left me all alone to play,” she sings. “Got up, thought everything was fine / found Tegan was walking that fine line between school and home.”

Tegan and Sara previously opened up to Rolling Stone about making the series in June, saying they were instantly impressed with Railey and Seazynn’s ability to capture them on screen.

“[The Gillilands] have never played music before, or acted, but they’re really naturally gifted and talented,” Tegan said. “So I laugh because in the studio, I’ll sing a guide track for them, and then they sing along, and their voices are so much better than ours. I’m like, ‘Do you guys wanna be in a band? Can I sign you?’ “

High School, set in the Nineties and highlighting grunge and rave culture, will air new episodes every Friday on Amazon Freevee starting Oct. 14. The series is set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next month.

Special guest stars Cobie Smulders and Kyle Bornheimer play the twins’ parents, Simone Bates and Patrick Twiley, respectively. Other series regulars include Esther McGregor as Natalie, and recurring guest stars Olivia Rouyre as Phoebe, Amanda Fix as Maya, Brianne Tju as Ali, Geena Meszaros as Lily, CJ Valleroy as Evan, and Nate Corddry as David.

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