Wendy Williams Defends ‘RHONJ’s Jackie G After She’s Attacked For Having A Cheap Bday Party

Wendy Williams Defends ‘RHONJ’s Jackie G After She’s Attacked For Having A Cheap Bday Party

January 24, 2020

Wendy Williams loves a good Housewives episode! The host reacted to ‘RHONJ’s Jennifer Aydin calling Jackie Goldschneider ‘cheap’ for serving pizza and Nutella cake at her twins’ birthday party, and admitted that she’d do the same!

Wendy Williams weighed in on the birthday party blowout that ensued between Jennfier Aydin and Jackie Goldschneider on the January 22 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey (recap here). And, she’s team Jackie! If you happened to miss the episode, or plan to check it out this weekend, just a heads up — a spoiler is headed your way. During Wednesday’s episode, Jennifer picked a fight with Jackie because she only served pizza and Nutella cake at her twins’ birthday party. Jen’s argument was that Jackie was cheap and didn’t cater to any adults at the party.

“If the 12-year-old and his friends like pizza, then get the pizza… Just because your friend has a lot of money, it’s not your party!” Wendy said after she played a clip of the argument, which you can scroll down to watch. “If you wanted gourmet food, then why didn’t you bring it?”

Wendy went on to admit that she would’ve served the exact same menu Jackie did if it were her son. “Those kids want pizza, some Nutella cake and maybe some Kool-Aid,” she argued. “That would be a nice birthday! … I don’t feel the need adults need to please each other at kids parties, unless the adults bing their own thing… You want wrap sandwiches? Then bring it! And, I wouldn’t be insulted, but you’re going to leave me alone.”

HollywoodLife obtained the above clip from Bravo, exclusively before episode aired. Jennifer and Jackie went at it while at a restaurant with the rest of the cast, some of which, jumped in after things got heated.

Teresa Giudice seemed to back Jen when she said, “Jackie, [Jennifer] is European. We cook a lot of food.” But, Dolores Catania was quick to note that “not everybody aspires to spend thousands of dollars on the parties that I have done, [Margaret Josephs] has done, [Teresa] has done, and [Melissa Gorga] has done.”

As Jennifer and Jackie continued to trade insults, Melissa came to Jackie’s defense, and joked that Jackie’s kids would be the ones to have money in years to come because she doesn’t spend like the rest of the cast does. And, that didn’t sit well with Jennifer, who got up and threw her utensils at Melissa.

As for what’s to come after the table brawl?… Well, more brawling.

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