Wendy Williams Declares ‘KUWTK’ Should Be Taken Off The Air After Finale Ratings Drop

Wendy Williams Declares ‘KUWTK’ Should Be Taken Off The Air After Finale Ratings Drop

December 13, 2018

Wendy Williams is calling for ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ to be taken off air as the show’s season 15 finale ratings plummet! She thinks they’ve ‘outgrown’ their time on TV! Do you agree?

Wendy Williams, 54, says Keeping Up With The Kardashians has run its course on the small screen. Her strong opinion comes after reports claim that the decade-long show’s ratings decreased for its season 15 finale, which aired on Sunday, December 9. “We’re not ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’,” the talk show host said on her show, December 13, before telling her studio audience that ratings plummeted to 851,000 viewers — a significantly low number compared to past statistics.

“Are you serious? We get that in a day on Facebook!”, Wendy said of her own show while laughing. “That’s Honey Boo Boo on a bad day!” All jokes aside, Wendy weighed in on her true feelings about KUWTK’s apparent slump. “I feel like they’ve outgrown their entire situation. I think they can take it off TV, like right now,” she declared. “Take it off now because they’re already famous… Take everything off TV for good!”

Wendy further explained her point: “Kardashians, all of ya’s, you’ve outgrown your audience,” she said, explaining that fans “don’t want to see you grow up, they don’t want to see you go to the White House.” Instead, “they want to see you fight Cardi B… It’s hard for them to remember that you’re older now.” For the record, the Kardashians do not have any beef with Cardi.

Following the season 15 finale of KUWTK, there was a 37% decrease from people who watched the show’s premiere (1.3 million) compared to the finale, which reportedly brought in only 851,000, according to Daily Mail. The second to last episode of season 15 even attracted more viewers than the finale, totaling 941,000 viewers, the report claims. E! network and the Kardashians have yet to address the rating reports.

The KUWTK season 15 finale ratings are quite surprising since the last episode dove deep into major controversies we’ve seen in the news prior. The episode covered everything from Kanye West‘s contentious comments in the media, to Kim Kardashian successfully getting Alice Marie Johnson released from prison, to Khloe Kardashian‘s balance with work and motherhood, and having to leave her daughter, True Thompson for the first time.

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