Tyrese Gibson Says He Can Pay the $636K, But Will Fight Judge's Order

Tyrese Gibson Says He Can Pay the $636K, But Will Fight Judge's Order

April 26, 2023

Tyrese Gibson says he can pay the more than half a million bucks for child support and his ex-wife’s lawyers — but he still thinks the judge did him dirty, and that’s why he’s gonna keep fighting it in court.

Tyrese laid it all out Wednesday at LAX, one day after he was ordered to pay $636K — with $237K going to his ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson for back child support and $399K going to her attorneys.

He’s got no doubts he can cover the steep fee, and confirms he’ll always support his kids … but insists he won’t be takin’ this ruling lying down, and instead plans to appeal it.

You gotta see him boldly declare his battle will be one for the ages … one that actually changes laws for all child support cases in Georgia. He believes you’ll be hearing Gibson v. Gibson cited in future court hearings once he gets what he sees as justice.

As we reported, Tyrese refused to pay the $10K/month the judge ordered last August … which is why he was held in contempt Tuesday in court.

He even ripped Judge Farmer on social media ahead of the hearing … and the judge certainly clapped back, at least financially, with his ruling.

But, Tyrese says he’s not worried about the money, he’s purely out for what’s right.

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