Tyrese Drops New Song Calling Out Ex Over Child Support

Tyrese Drops New Song Calling Out Ex Over Child Support

August 27, 2023

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Tyrese is still sour about having to shell out a ton of cash to his ex in their bitter child support case — evidenced in his new song … which takes direct aim at the issue.

The singer/actor dropped a track this week called ‘Love Transaction,’ and it doesn’t pull any punches in addressing what he views as a cold-hearted approach he feels his estranged wife, Samantha Lee, took earlier this year … when she dragged him to court over money.

You might recall this, ’cause it was ugly. Tyrese was ordered to pay Samantha and her attorneys a whopping $636,000 … this after refusing to pay $10k/month way back in August of last year, when he was ordered to do so by a Fulton County judge.

That’s why he was in held in contempt in April … where the court forced him to pay what was owed and then some. Now, Tyrese has something to say about it in song.


Take a listen for yourself … Tyrese laments being gouged for thousands in child support, accusing Samantha of asking for way more than she really needs to care for their daughter, Soraya. He gets pretty specific here too … talking hard figures and everything else.

He also says their kid is wondering why they’re not together anymore … and poses a rhetorical question — was this love, or a transaction? Sam doesn’t appear to have responded.

As we’ve reported … Tyrese divorce from Samantha has been anything but amicable … and it’s not even over yet. Their case is still open, and they haven’t finalized anything officially.

Keep in mind, Tyrese is already paying a fortune in child support from his other former marriage … a separate $10k/month for his teenage daughter, Shayla.

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