Travis Barker shows off Kourtney Kardashian’s sexy underwear with his name stitched on

Travis Barker shows off Kourtney Kardashian’s sexy underwear with his name stitched on

June 20, 2022

Travis Barker has shown off a pair of wife Kourtney Kardashian's lace underwear – with his name stitched into the lace.

The couple are never afraid to show some public displays of affection, but the Blink-182 drummer took things a step further on Sunday, showing off some of his wife's lingerie.

The drummer, 46, posted the racy pic to his Instagram story, showing a pair of white lacy underwear with "Travis" stitched in cursive on the front of them in blue thread.

The lingerie was also decorated with gold tint florals – and amps up the level of intimacy the couple have shared with the world.

The musician marked father's day by sharing more photos of his family on the app, including a snap of himself with Kourtney, son Landon Barker, and daughter Alabama Barker.

He also shared photos posted by his two kids and step-daughter Atiana De La Hoya, 23.

On Alabama's post, she wrote: "I love u beyond words can describe, your somebody who will always made sure family was first, I have so much respect for the ways you've taught me in many aspects, thank you for bringing me into this world and showing me how a real man treats you."

Meanwhile, Atiana De La Hoya shared a photo of her and her step-dad at the beach and wrote: "Love you endlessly"

Travis then posted photos from an outdoor father's day meal – showing a wooden table and bench covered with gothic style candelabras and skull-decorated plates.

Writing on the post, Travis said: "Thank you for such an amazing Father's Day @kourtneykardash @alabamaluellabarker @landonasherbarker @atianadelahova @kingcarlx"

The couple's racy photo is just the most recent example of their PDAs, with Travis sharing a raunchy advert for Daring Foods featuring both him and his wife.

In the photo, you can see Kourtney in a red crocodile style minidress being hand-fed spaghetti by Barker – who was wearing a black long sleeve shirt decorated with safety pins.

The pair have shared plenty of PDA in the past on their social media, too – with the couple often being pictured in each other's arms or sharing a kiss – especially following their wedding in Italy back in May.

But this PDA has had a mixed reception from fans, with some people begging Travis Barker to stop posting raunchy comments under her photos.

On one post, Kourtney shared several snaps of her sporting a black jacket over a black bra, mini skirt, and heels with her caption reading: "Hi yes this is Mrs. Barker, how may I help you."

Commenting under the snaps, Travis cheekily wrote: "I got a few ideas", to which many of Kourtney's 182 million followers didn't approve of.

Responding to Travis, one person said: "@TravisBarker for the love of god, stop. I'm begging you more than Penelope at this point. It gives me the same vibe as old people's skin."

A second wrote: "@Travisbarker you give me creepy vibes. Please stop."

"@Travisbarker you guys were cute in the beginning, but now it's really kind of gross, y'all gotta stop," another said.

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