Tori Amos on Her COVID-19 Lockdown Experience: I Was on My Knees Emotionally

Tori Amos on Her COVID-19 Lockdown Experience: I Was on My Knees Emotionally

September 28, 2021

Ahead of ‘Ocean to Ocean’ release, the ‘Spark’ singer reveals which song she first wrote that really started to pull her out of this place of sadness amid the pandemic.

AceShowbizTori Amos was “on [her] knees emotionally” amid the coronavirus lockdown. The singer was hit particularly hard by the third lockdown, which left her on the brink of depression.

Speaking about her lockdown experience, Tori – who is married to recording engineer Mark Hawley – shared, “I was on my knees emotionally. I don’t know if I took on the persona of a female grizzly bear, but I’m not quite sure.”

Tori is poised to release her new album, “Ocean to Ocean”, in October, and she admitted making the record helped her overcome her lockdown troubles.

The singer – who has Natashya, 21, with her husband – told The Independent, “I didn’t feel like super-mum anymore, or super-wife or super-anything. I just wasn’t feeling positive, and I think after that, I had to let everything [I’d previously written] go. Absolutely everything.”

” ‘Metal Water Wood’ was the first song I wrote that really started to pull me out of this place of sadness. It grabbed me and said: ‘Come on, you really have to be like water.’ “

Tori actually started to find her way as a songwriter once she reached her lowest ebb. She explained, “That’s when the songs started to come and say, ‘OK, this is a place of power, even though you don’t feel strong.’ “

“The truth is a place of power and so the songs can be the elixirs to pull you out of this place. There was something in admitting that you don’t feel like a cheerleader for everybody or that you’re able to lift everybody up that week, you just don’t have it in you; that was freeing, and it allowed me to be honest. Then the songs started to come.”

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