Tim Malcolm: Here’s the Truth About the Gay and Transgender Rumors …

Tim Malcolm: Here’s the Truth About the Gay and Transgender Rumors …

October 16, 2019

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Tim Malcolm has already clapped back at a pair of Pillow Talk stars who’ve spread rumors about him.

From the beginning, some viewers of the show have claimed that he’s gay for turning down sex with Jeniffer, or that perhaps he is trans.

But clapping back is not the same thing as fully discussing rumors and the truth of their origins. Now, Tim is opening up:

At one point, even Tim’s stunningly beautiful lady love, Jeniffer Tarazona, wondered if he was truly interested in women.

“Jeniffer’s not the only one that’s said that,” Tim acknowledges while speaking to Entertainment Tonight.

“Let’s be honest,” he continues.

Tim admits: “There’s a lot of people that have speculated that there’s all kinds of issues going on.”

That is an understatement. Some more thoughtless 90 Day Fiance fans have had a field day.

They seem to be unaware that ridiculing Tim is indirectly disparaging millions of gay and trans men.

“I’m almost 40 years old,” Tim explains. “I want to be in love.”

Even those of us who cannot relate even a little bit can appreciate that some people focus on romance.

“I know sex is an important part of love,” Tim acknowledges. “But it’s not everything like it used to be.”

“My biggest goal was just building a foundation that I thought would be able to last,” he expresses.

Tim explains that he made this a priority “because I don’t want to be divorced.”

“I’ve waited this long to get married,” Tim points out. “I’ve never been married.”

“I think that’s just strange that society just thinks if a man says no then he’s gay,” he expresses.

“If a woman says no, it’s fine,” Tim observes. “But it’s like the double standard that society has.”

“I kind of laugh about it,” he admits. “I do have some feminine traits. The gay thing was kind of out of left field for me.”

Similarly, the odd claims that he might e transgender and, we suppose, afraid of Jeniffer seeing that he doesn’t have a penis to be “laughable.”

“The episode that just aired, you saw me get into a hot tub with Jeniffer,” Tim recalls.

He continues: “And I saw online that people were literally screen shotting it and looking for scars that I had my ‘breasts’ removed.”

While not all trans folks have any surgery at all, a lot of trans men (and some nonbinary folks) get top surgery, removing breast tissue and leaving distinct scars.

“It comes with the territory,” Tim admits. “You’re going to get people that just have to come up with these outlandish ideas.”

“I’m not transgender,” he affirms. “I think it’s cool for the people that want to do that if that’s what you want to do with your life, but that’s not me.”

To be clear, trans people don’t want to do that, they just are who they are. The only thing that they do is live as themselves. But sure.

“There’s a lot of back story on that ring and lot more to do than just what the viewers saw,” Tim says of the infamous reused ring he gave Jeniffer.

“But obviously I was running out of time,” he explains.

Tim adds: “Obviously if I’d had more time maybe I would have went and traded it in or gotten a different ring.”

“It’s what I had to work with,” he confesses. “I gave it to her as a promise ring.”

“And then maybe I can get her a different engagement ring if that’s the path that we end up taking,” Tim shares. “And, you know, it’s good to go.”

Tim keeps a rpetty tight lid on his relationship with Jeniffer and what their endgame might be in this interview.

But he does speak about how things end up.

“It’s going to go down in history books as wonderful,” Tim gushes. “It is crazy. It is unexpected. It is just going to blow your mind.”

“And,” he adds. “The people that are involved in what you’re going to see are going to be the least likely suspects.”

Okay. Color us intrigued.

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