There’s No Surprise That ‘Meghan Markle’ Is The Most Searched Person In The U.K. According To Google

There’s No Surprise That ‘Meghan Markle’ Is The Most Searched Person In The U.K. According To Google

December 13, 2018

Many royal search terms made the cut of top search terms in the U.K., according to Google.

With the royal wedding this year between Prince Harry and the American, Meghan Markle, there is no surprise that the term “Meghan Markle” tops the list for Google’s people searches in the U.K.

Google has released details of the most googled terms in the U.K. and Meghan Markle tops the list for the most searched person in 2018.

It is also the second time that Meghan Markle’s name has headed to the top of Google’s “top trending people” list, according to the Daily Mail. For those who are wondering, second place was filled by Celebrity Big Brother contestant Roxanne Pallett. Demi Lovato came in at No. 3 on the list of most searched people in the U.K. In addition, when Ant McPartlin pulled out of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, it seemed the U.K. was obsessed with finding out what happened to this celebrity. For the record, the TV host took several months off “following a battle with alcohol and painkiller addiction,” according to the Daily Mail.

While Meghan Markle may be the most searched term overall, the Duchess of Sussex also managed to come in second on the list of most searched queries in 2018. In addition, “royal wedding” was “the third most looked up issue this year.”

While Meghan Markle may be the most popular person to be googled in the U.K. this year, according to Google’s queries list, it was actually the world cup that really got people in the U.K. firing up their search engines.

According to the Daily Mail, the top Google search terms for 2018 are below.

1. World Cup

2. Meghan Markle

3. Royal Wedding

4. Black Panther

5. Roxanne Pallett

6. Fortnite

7. Demi Lovato

8. Ant McPartlin

9. A Star Is Born

10. Khloe Kardashian

Other royal terms that also made Google’s search term lists this year included the query “What is the Commonwealth?” and “royal baby.”

“What is the Commonwealth?” came in at No. 5 on the what is queries category. Topping that list was “What is Bitcoin?” followed by “What is GDPR?,” “What is an ibex?,” and “What is a nerve agent?”

The “royal baby” search term came in at No. 2, underneath “royal wedding” as the top two most searched news events for people in the U.K. Other news events that were queried were “GDPR,” “Jeremy Thorpe,” “Spice Girls,” “Carillion,” “Australian flu,” “Hurricane Florence,” “Stormy Daniels,” and “iPhone XR,” listed three to 10, respectively.

U.K. internet users were also concerned with those who had died this year. Topping this list was “Avicii,” followed by “Alfie Evans,” “Dale Winton,” “Stephen Hawking,” “Mac Miller,” George Bush,” “Stan Lee,” “XXXTentacion,” “Aretha Franklin,” and “Verne Troyer.”

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