Tessa Dunlop: Prince Harry realized that he needs the royal ‘magic fairy dust’

Tessa Dunlop: Prince Harry realized that he needs the royal ‘magic fairy dust’

May 27, 2022

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Queen Elizabeth last month at Windsor Castle, she personally invited them to come to the events around her Platinum Jubbly. I believe – and there’s enough evidence to substantiate this – that the Queen and Prince Charles made significant moves to guarantee Harry and Meghan visit with their children. Moves like… ensuring the security situation is what Harry wants, and dialing down a lot of the anti-Sussex leaks from Buckingham Palace and Clarence House. So why are Charles and Liz going out of their way? Because they need to be seen having some kind of public reconciliation with Harry and Meghan. Chaz and Liz also know that it looks worse and worse that the two most charismatic “stars” of the Firm were pushed and exiled. What I’m saying is that Charles and Liz need to be seen with the Sussexes more than Harry and Meghan need to be seen with the royals. But, of course, it’s always Opposite Day in Salt Island.

Prince Harry knows he needs a sprinkle of the Royal Family’s ‘magic fairy dust’ if he wants to continue making money in California, a royal expert has claimed. Author and historian Tessa Dunlop told True Royal TV’s the Royal Beat that the Duke of Sussex, 37, is in a difficult position because he is trading on his royal ties but does not want to expose too much in case he is completely cut off.

Dunlop, along with royal biographer and journalist Duncan Larcombe and royal reporter Alan Jones, was discussing Harry’s upcoming memoirs, which are due to shed light on his time as part of the Firm. Dunlop says Harry might feel anxious about overstepping the mark.

‘It can feel very lonely if the institution shuts you out,’ she said. ‘And I think Harry, more than anyone, realises he’s walking a tightrope. Yes, he needs to make money, and yes, the Royal Family has made him feel excluded and he feels unsupported. But he also realises, on a professional level, he needs some of their magic fairy dust. And, on an emotional level, they’re family. So how much “tell-all” does he really want to do? I think that’s going to be the great conundrum for him and his wife.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Before the visit to Windsor Castle last month, I genuinely believed that Harry was fully prepared to not go to the Jubbly. The security issue was a mess and the only person he gives a sh-t about in the family is the Queen. Again, look at who was doing the inviting, who was clearing up all of the security issues and palace leaking. That tells you who needs whom. Harry doesn’t need the Windsor “magic fairy dust” – he has his own. It seems more like the Windsors want some Sussex magic fairy dust. (Is Windsor magic fairy dust just crushed and powdered buttons? We’ll never know.)

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