Taylor Swift Fans Think She Signaled Breakup in Recent Concert Choices

Taylor Swift Fans Think She Signaled Breakup in Recent Concert Choices

April 15, 2023

Taylor Swift fans are dissecting her recent public appearances to see if there were clues about her breakup with Joe Alwyn — and now … everything’s under the microscope.

Swifties are analyzing a TikTok clip from one of her ‘Eras’ concerts in Arizona — where some folks think she got emotional during a performance of her track “Champagne Problems.” In light of this weekend’s news … a handful believe this must have meant something.

While the song is about an unrequited marriage proposal, it’s hard to say if there’s anything to this. TS doesn’t look any more animated than she does for any other song. There are also those who claim she tears up, but you can’t see any active waterworks on her face.

Eye of the beholder, we suppose … people see what they wanna see.

That’s not the only thing being studied in the aftermath of her split. A last-minute song change in her setlist is also getting picked apart as suggesting something bigger — the swap being between “Invisible String,” a track about 2 soulmates, to another song called “The 1” … which focuses on love lost and reminiscing on a former relationship.

Seeing how “The 1” made the cut, some Swifties think she was telegraphing trouble with Joe. Again, it’s possible, but on the flip side … it could just as easily mean nothing at all.

taylor swift and joe alwyn

The big breakup news came over the weekend … Taylor and JA are reported to have gone their separate ways in recent weeks. The exact timeline isn’t clear, nor do we know who broke up with whom. He’s said to have been absent from her tour, which makes sense now.

Reports also say the whole thing was amicable and they’ll remain friends. They were together for 6 years.

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