Susanna Reid in ‘terrible state’ as Piers Morgan recalls GMB aftermath – ‘I was undressed’

Susanna Reid in ‘terrible state’ as Piers Morgan recalls GMB aftermath – ‘I was undressed’

April 29, 2022

Piers Morgan and Ant Middleton discuss importance of resilience

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Piers Morgan has opened up about the aftermath when he stormed off Good Morning Britain, back in March 2021, following his controversial comments directed at Meghan Markle over her sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey. The TalkTV presenter revealed his former co-star Susanna Reid, 51, was beside herself at the time.

The 57-year-old spoke candidly in a new interview, as he addressed his decision to walk off the morning programme live on-air.

In a cheeky admission, Piers recalled his co-presenter walking into his dressing room but added it was not a “pretty sight”.

His comments come after the Uncensored presenter was questioned about Donald Trump walking out of an interview with him which aired on the newly-launched network TalkTV on Monday.

Speaking on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show, the radio DJ asked: “So when did you manage to stop Donald Trump storming out – flouncing out – of an interview, whatever you like to call it?”

Piers interjected: “Actually, the interview was finished. He does stomp off.”

Chris went on: “But you stopped him stomping off several times.

“What advice would you give to the people if you could go back in a time machine at GMB to stop you storming off?”

“They did actually,” Piers chuckled. “Susanna came and saw me in my dressing room and she was in a terrible state about it all.”

He went on: “She said, ‘please don’t.'”

The TalkTV host then made a startling admission after he claimed to be almost undressed and ready to leave the ITV studios at Broadcasting House.

Piers said: “I was undressed. My suit was half-off. It was not a pretty sight.”

Chris then joked: “We can’t unthink that image everyone. I can only apologise.”


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Piers laughed: “I don’t want to put an ugly image into your head, the suit jacket was coming off, the shirt was coming off.

“Susanna was like, ‘don’t do this.’ I was going to walk off into the sunset. I was done.”

The small-screen star explained he ultimately made the decision to leave as he was beyond “exhausted” coupled with the criticism he received over his reaction to the Duchess of Sussex.

During the presenter’s recent interview with the former US president, the latter claimed Piers had “overreacted” when he stormed off GMB.

“I thought you overreacted by the way,” said Trump.

It was clear that Trump was very familiar with the circumstances of Pier’s 2021 walk-off, further commenting that he would have also left the set if put in the same position.

“I would have left but I wouldn’t have attacked the weatherman,” the former US president added, a reference to Pier’s co-host Alex Beresford, who confronted him over his controversial remarks about Meghan’s interview with Oprah.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays on Virgin Radio from 6.30am.


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