'Succession' Fans Pissed at Los Angeles Times For Spoiling Episode

'Succession' Fans Pissed at Los Angeles Times For Spoiling Episode

April 11, 2023

Lots of folks who watch “Succession” had Sunday night’s episode ruined by the Los Angeles Times … and they’re pissed at the newspaper for spoiling a huge plot twist.

For those who have seen the episode already, or don’t care to have the hit HBO show spoiled, click here to continue reading.


If you’ve made it this far, you probably already know the show’s main character, Logan Roy, dies in the third episode of season four.

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But, what should have been a jaw-dropping moment for “Succession” fans was spoiled by the L.A. Times … because the outlet posted an obituary for the fictional character online right as the episode was released Sunday night on HBO, and lots of viewers saw the article before they saw Roy die on the show.

The spoiler was hard to miss, because it was right there in the headline … “Logan Roy, conservative media mogul who shaped contemporary politics, dies at 84.”

The article goes on to say Roy, played by Brian Cox, “died Sunday while traveling to Sweden aboard a company jet. He was 84, we think.”

succession spoiler TWITTER REACTION.

It reads like the L.A. Times was trying to be funny, but it seems they didn’t read the room … because social media is awash with posts from folks who are angry with the paper for ruining their Sunday night ritual.

Some of the reactions are brutal … and while most of the curse words are directed at the L.A. Times, some folks are even going after one of the writers, who quote tweeted a link to the spoiler and said, “This was the most fun I have had writing a story in, like, forever.”

Seems “Succession” fans pine for the days when newspapers were a day late with the news.

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