Strictly’s Dianne Buswell opens up on ‘serious’ career move

Strictly’s Dianne Buswell opens up on ‘serious’ career move

March 22, 2023

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Strictly Come Dancing fans know Dianne Buswell best for her moves on the BBC show, but it has now emerged that the pro dancer has a new passion project. Admitting she’s always been a “little performer”, she says that acting is up next in her action-packed schedule.

The first viewers knew of Dianne’s plans to diversify in her career was when it was announced that she’d signed up to take part in BBC One show MasterChef, following in the footsteps or Strictly co-stars such as Katya Jones and Johannes Radebe.

However, she has set her sights further than cooking, as she revealed in an interview with Heat magazine.

“I’m taking [acting] quite seriously. I’ve always been a little performer, and there’s no time like the present,” she teased.

However, she clarified that she has no plans to leave Strictly behind, and that it will “absolutely” continue to be a part of her future.

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“Acting is just a little side project, really, so who knows where it will take me?” she continued.

Dianne added that Strictly is still her “absolute passion” – and that dancing for pleasure is a pastime she shares with boyfriend Joe Sugg.

After split rumours were debunked, she revealed that she’d love to compete professionally with him, making her life partner her dance partner too.

On last year’s show, Dianne was partnered with Tyler West, and the pair held on tight until the eighth round of eliminations.

Tyler is said to have been an ever-supportive rock for her during rehearsals, especially after he suggested that she tended to “lose her head” sometimes.

Dianne told Lorraine Kelly on her ITV show that she would “love to actually do a proper competition with Joe” next time the opportunity presents itself.

“He actually is very good… He puts his little ballroom frame up almost every day!” she quipped.

Meanwhile, there have been persistent rumours that she and Joe have split up, which began when she took a holiday to Australia at Christmas time without inviting him.

However, Dianne adamantly shut down the rumour mill, exclaiming to The Mirror: “It makes me laugh that people think I wouldn’t go and see my family without Joe.

“He knows I don’t live anywhere near my family, so if there is any chance I can go to see them, [I take it].”

She added: “He doesn’t have to come with me everywhere.”

On Instagram, Dianne has revealed in the past that it can be tough being on the other side of the world from her biological family members.

However, she is “happy” being based in the UK and enjoying her relationship with her partner.

She’s in no rush for the YouTuber to propose, saying that, while such a romantic gesture would be “great”, they’re currently happy to take things as they come instead.

The pair made another form of commitment to each other when they purchased a £1.35 million home in West Sussex together.

However, according to reports by The Sun, they are in the process of selling it and plan to move into another one.

With the house sale, her book and her latest venture, acting – not to mention jetting backwards and forwards from the UK to Australia – it sounds as though 2023 will be one of the busiest and most productive years for Dianne yet.

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