Steph McGovern: BBC Breakfast star in awkward misunderstanding on mental health ward

Steph McGovern: BBC Breakfast star in awkward misunderstanding on mental health ward

June 17, 2020

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Ex BBC Breakfast star Steph McGovern, 38, spoke to her co-hosts Claire and producer Geoff about the time she presented a TV broadcast from a mental health ward in the latest episode of their podcast Not Bad For A Monday. However, the Channel 4 presenter revealed how a nurse didn’t let her leave the building, thinking she was one of the patients.


Steph McGovern

It comes after Steph reflected on the time she had to go outside to get some of her things after shooting a segment at a hospital.

The presenter divulged: “Funnily enough, I was once doing a TV broadcast from a hospital.

“We were working in a mental health ward, and as I went to leave to go back out to the van to get some stuff, the shift change had happened with the nurses on reception,” she explained.

“So I went to leave and they said, ‘Oh, where are you going?’ And I said, ‘Oh I’m just going to go out to the van to get my stuff.'”


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Steph continued: “And they went, ‘Oh, I’m really sorry but you can’t leave.’

“I was like, ‘No, no I’m not a patient I’m a TV presenter.”

The host went on to mimic the nurse’s response: “‘Yeah, yeah, of course, you are, love,'” leaving herself and her companions laughing.

The mother-of-one discussed further: “I was like, ‘Sh**! I don’t know how I’m going to explain myself out of this.'”

Claire interjected: “That is brilliant,” to which Steph replied: “It was very funny.”

“Oh, brilliant,” Geoff added.

Earlier on in the episode, Steph spoke of one listener, Catherine, a mental health nurse who shared their story about the time she was mistaken for a “patient in crisis” when she was there for a job interview. 

She went on to talk more about her story as she shared: “Catherine said that the nurse who thought that she was in crisis, passed away a couple of months ago.

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“And she said he was a cracking big guy, he was funny, so so clever, a fab nurse, and just one of those brilliant people. And his name was Vince Glenn,” she revealed.

Once Steph gave Vince a shout out, she went on to discuss the importance of remembering the good times after losing your loved ones.

The journalist asked her co-stars: “Again, we’ve spoken about this before, haven’t we?

“People are working so hard, awful things can happen and you’ve got to remember the funny times you have together as well,” she stated.


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Steph went on to ask Claire and Geoff: “Those are the memories that count.”

To which Claire answered with: “Absolutely. Those are the memories you want to keep.”

Steph is best known for her previous work with BBC Breakfast as a business presenter.

The TV star also launched her own self-titled show The Steph Show with Channel 4 from home earlier this year, but has stopped filming and is waiting for the studio to be completed.

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