Spice Up Your Nightly Tea With Actress Genneya Walton’s Boozy Recipe

Spice Up Your Nightly Tea With Actress Genneya Walton’s Boozy Recipe

May 21, 2020

Ah, there’s nothing like the classique hot toddy to soothe the soul. I mean, what’s more relaxing than spiked hot tea? And bless the fact that #BlackAF actress Genneya Walton is on the same wavelength because she may have just made the best homemade hot toddy…ever.

Full disclosure: Genneya started off her episode of Stir Crazy a little rough. The first ingredient the recipe called for was a lemon, but she only had a not-so-great-looking lime to work with so…our girl had to make do. Thankfully, though, she had everything else needed for the drink: sugar, honey, lemon ginger tea bags, and Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey.

While she was waiting for her tea to warm up, Genneya decided she wanted to get creative with her cocktail because time is endless and meaningless now. She grabbed a paper plate, sugar, and honey and concocted a *sweet* rim for her boozy bev. All salted margaritas are gasping in disbelief.

Then to the good stuff, aka what you came here for. She poured a shot of whiskey into her beautifully rimmed glass, squeezed the juice of her lime right into it, and followed by pouring the piping-hot tea in with the whiskey. For the last step, she went in and stirred that thing!

Honestly, just from presentation and her satisfied reaction, I think 10/10 would def recommend. But maybe DON’T pair it with a pint of ice cream….

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