Sofia Richie Gets Trolled Over New Pic With Scott Disick: You’re ‘Too Young’ For Him — ‘Is That Your Dad?’

Sofia Richie Gets Trolled Over New Pic With Scott Disick: You’re ‘Too Young’ For Him — ‘Is That Your Dad?’

February 9, 2019

Sofia Richie shared a picture of her and Scott Disick’s date at The Sugar Factory, but the comments weren’t so sweet. To fans, their age gap is more apparent than ever!

Scott Disick, 35, and Sofia Richie, 20, have always took heat for their 15 year age gap, but the naysayers really popped off on Feb. 8! Sofia shared a throwback photo to her and the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star’s date at The Sugar Factory in Las Vegas, where they huddled in a booth to enjoyed sugar-loaded treats on Jan. 4. The couple’s throwing a “Sweetheart Party” at the San Diego location this Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, but fans weren’t paying attention to the promo. “Father and daughter ✌,” one Instagram user commented, and another one asked, “Is that your dad?” A third fan noted, “Awww, father daughter Valentine’s Day 💕.” Yeesh. SEE SOFIA’S DATE WITH SCOTT THAT GOT TROLLED, HERE.

The photo even rubbed a Scott and Sofia stan the wrong way. “Omg honestly usually I stan y’all as a couple but this picture of you two makes this look like she is literally your 13 yo daughter,” one fan commented. It didn’t help that neither Scott nor Sofia bothered to smile, giving the haters another thing to pick at! “Wow, you look so happy together,” a user wrote, and another chimed in, “When the kid you’re babysitting is super pissed because the mozzarella sticks came out cold.” Yikes — and that was just a brief recap of the comments we saw.

Is dating someone older worth dealing with the doubters and IG trolls? Well, according to relationship expert April Masini, it can be. “Dating someone older means you’ve got someone who knows the world better than you do, and that can be comforting, exciting, stimulating and interesting,” April EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Someone older can be more advanced in a career, and have had more time to amass finances, and that means they have resources to share and to lavish on you.” Read the full interview here!

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