Sister Sledge’s Tanya Ti-et in admission about band’s struggle: ‘It was just stressful’

Sister Sledge’s Tanya Ti-et in admission about band’s struggle: ‘It was just stressful’

March 20, 2022

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Sister Sledge ft Sledgendary star Tanya Ti-et has spoken candidly about the band’s struggles over the past few years. Speaking exclusively to, the star told how the band struggled to navigate travelling during the Covid pandemic, admitting they were “stuck” in France at one point, unable to cross the border.

We were trying to figure out lodging, and it was just stressful

Tanya Ti-et

The singer told of the struggles the band had to face during the Covid pandemic as they continued to travel while performing.

Tanya explained: “Following the pandemic there were so many restrictions, and every country was kind of doing something different.

“And we were trying to kind of keep up with everything constantly.

“And at one point, we had gotten stuck in France, at the border, and we couldn’t leave,” she added.

Tanya went on: “We were trying to figure out lodging, and it was just stressful.

“We were all exhausted, because we had just done a couple of shows.”

However, the star told how their situation worked out when a friend of a friend kindly lent them a place to sleep for the night before they continued with their tour.

Elsewhere in the interview, Tanya told how she cried following a call from the iconic sisters a decade ago when they invited her to perform with them, which saw her become a member of the new group.

The star joined the iconic disco group in 2002 and explained how her first ever performance was with the band in Ibiza, Spain, following a surprise audition.

Tanya said: “I’d performed with a few musicians already in the band that we play with now.

“So they already kind of knew me from the local scene, singing all over the place.

“And they were looking for someone to stand in for some supporting vocals,” she added.

The star explained that she was recommended by the band’s drummer Ira King to the Sledge sisters, who went on to invite her to audition.

Tanya went on: “And I believe it was our drummer Ira who recommended me.

“He told Dominic, our music director, about me. And they made a phone call,” she explained.

Tanya was in disbelief over being invited to audition with the band, which saw her sing with two of the sisters.

She continued: “And next thing I know, I’m getting a phone call about a possible rehearsal with Sister Sledge.

“And I was like, ‘What?!’ So of course, I agreed.

“And I went down and I met Joni and Debbie and I sang a few of the songs.”

Revealing what happened next, Tanya said: “And then the next thing I know, I get a phone call saying, ‘Hey, do you have your passport? Because they would like you to join them on their show in Ibiza,’ and I just lost my mind.”

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