Sir Trevor McDonald’s ‘exasperation’ over work exposed amid ‘wife split’

Sir Trevor McDonald’s ‘exasperation’ over work exposed amid ‘wife split’

September 24, 2020

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The 81-year-old former ITN newsreader is widely beloved across the nation and is now known for his hard-hitting documentary series. Sir Trevor moved from Trinidad to London in 1969 to work as part of the World Service before he became the first black news reporter on ITV four years later. Recently, he returned to screens with ‘Rose West and Myra Hindley: Their Untold Story’, which detailed the serial killers’ alleged love affair before their battle to become “prison royalty”. His TV comeback came amid claims that he has moved out of the £2.6million home that he shared with wife Josephine. Their 34-year marriage allegedly came to an end upon the realisation that they no longer made “one another happy” and “wanted a fresh start”.

A source close to Sir Trevor and Josephine said they were “still speaking and everything is amicable” despite their break-up.

They claimed the British-Trinidadian journalist wanted to “focus on his career”, while friends suggested otherwise when they jokingly dubbed his new home a “bachelor pad”.

The insider told The Sun: “Trevor is still very much in demand work-wise, and wanted a fresh start. He feels young and still has a twinkle in his eye.”

The renewed interest in his career came despite Sir Trevor’s candid admission that he found the harrowing tales he reported on extremely difficult to switch-off from. 

While the presenter often appeared calm and collected onscreen, he claimed that “loads of things” had an effect on him away from the cameras. 

Sir Trevor said: “I get very exasperated about situations where I see children being dealt with badly. I can get very exercised about that.”

In his 2009 comments to The Telegraph, the star admitted that he hoped to find inner solace through being a less frequent TV fixture and further away from hard-hitting topics.

He added: “These days I can just switch off and watch the IPL cricket. I’ve learnt to take these things in my stride.”

Sir Trevor admitted that he favoured working on documentaries over being the regular host of ITN News but had no plan to retire from the business.

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He said: “I should be careful how I answer this because my family might take offence, but… Look, it’s nice if you can do odd things.”

Sir Trevor, who was knighted for his services to journalism in 1999, admitted that being a newsreader wasn’t his ideal job.

He revealed that he “almost cursed” then-ITV chairman Michael Grade when he unveiled their plan to revive ITV News at Ten in 2008.

It took considerable persuasion to get Sir Trevor aboard and recalled the moment Mr Grade told him: “It’s absolutely vital to ITV. We want you to do it. If you say no, I’m not too sure I can do it.’”

He added: “I was arm-wrestled into it. I must be honest, I was chuffed to be asked, and I did it. Should I, on reflection, not have? Maybe.”

Despite the reservations over his time at ITV News, he admitted: “I enjoyed it. I have no regrets. And it’s nice to know that it’s been left in much more competent hands.”

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