Sharon Stone says she was paid ‘a bit’ for Basic Instinct as Michael Douglas made millions

Sharon Stone says she was paid ‘a bit’ for Basic Instinct as Michael Douglas made millions

May 28, 2021

Sharon Stone recalls her near death experience after brain bleed

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Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, 63, has revealed that her role as Catherine Trammell in hit film Basic Instinct only paid her “a little bit of money” despite turning her into an overnight star. While discussing her new memoir The Beauty of Living Twice, the star candidly spoke about the film that shot her to Hollywood fame overnight, while her co-star Michael Douglas, 73, reportedly made millions from it.

I made a little bit of money. Michael made $14 million

Sharon Stone

Speaking in an interview with CBC’s Q With Tom Power, the A-lister addressed the reported pay gap between her and her male co-star, who played Detective Nick Curran.

Sharon said: “I didn’t get paid to do Basic Instinct.

“I made a little bit of money. Michael made $14 million and has points”, she added.

The star revealed that she didn’t even make enough money from the film to buy a new dress.

She continued: “I made not enough money to buy my dress to go to the Oscars the next year.”

Despite the film turning her into an overnight success, Sharon described the situation as being in “limbo”.

“I was in this weird limbo where I was suddenly famous, but didn’t have any money”, she explained.

The actress claimed her co-star made millions more than her, as well as amassing “points”, which would have seen him receive a percentage of box office revenue from the first day of the film’s release.

It has been reported over the years that the blonde bombshell was paid $500,000, despite the star not confirming her exact salary from the film.

Meanwhile, her co-star Michael reportedly made £14 million in comparison.

The star was 34-years-old when she starred in the 1992 hit film.

Speaking about her rapid ascent to stardom, the star revealed that she would try to “walk down the street” and find that 30 people would be “running” and “chasing” after her.

She added that she couldn’t afford to pay for private security.

Sharon went on to brand her appearance at the Cannes Film Festival a month after the film aired as “insanity.”

She revealed that after returning to the hotel she was staying in, all her belongings had been stolen, including her toothbrush and contact lenses.

Elsewhere, the star addressed her health deterioration which she talks about in The Beauty of Living Twice.

In 2001, Sharon had a terrifying brush with death when she suffered a stroke after a bleed on her brain.

Sharon took a two-year break from acting, but later told Variety it took her about seven years to fully recover from the stroke.

“People treated me in a way that was brutally unkind,” she said at the time.

Sharon Stone’s memoir The Beauty of Living Twice is available to purchase here.

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