Shania Twain shares near-death Covid experience

Shania Twain shares near-death Covid experience

February 2, 2023

Shania Twain discusses being hospitalised with coronavirus

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Shania Twain, 57, has lived through a few health scares, having lost her voice to lyme disease a few years ago. While the singer triumphed over that health battle, she found herself on death’s door during the pandemic and now admits the situation was far worse than anyone told her at the time.

The celebrated country singer floored crowds at the People’s Choice Awards in December, giving a lively and comedic performance as usual.

However, over the past few years the singer has hit a few health barriers that have come worryingly close to taking her off stage permanently.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 this week, Shania revealed she almost died after contracting coronavirus at the height of the pandemic.

The asthmatic popstar contracted “a really bad bout” of Covid and eventually had to be airlifted from her home to a nearby hospital.

Due to the pandemic, the singer had to travel alone with “a special team” that had airvacked her because “nobody else would fly me to the hospital”.

Once at the hospital, Shania’s health continued to deteriorate and she eventually developed Covid pneumonia too.

As she recalled: “Every day my lungs were filling up with inflammation.

“Within 12 days, I was pretty much dying.”

Struggling to find a treatment that would work, the singer then went for plasma therapy.

In the testing for this therapy, they found the singer “had no antibodies”, meaning her body was physically left with nothing to fight the disease.

She continued: “My antibodies were not building up, and my lungs were getting more and more full of inflammation.”

Shania praised the medical team working with her who didn’t let on how bad her odds were looking as they kept hoping the plasma treatment would “kick in”.

The Any Man Of Mine singer revealed she was “halfway into what would’ve been considered my maximum treatment” when it began working, although the staff had not told her this.

She said: “They didn’t tell me how many more days of plasma therapy that I could not respond to before I was now then on a respirator. On my way out. You know?”

Growing emotional, the pop star revealed that her latest album was written “in a place of gratitude” for the medical workers who had helped save her life, not just from her near death experience with Covid, but her career-halting diagnosis in the early 2000s.

The singer has only recently returned from a 15-year long hiatus from both live performances and studio recordings.

While finishing her last tour in 2003, Shania was diagnosed with Lyme Disease after being bitten by a tick while horseback riding.

The onset of the disease affected the singer’s vocal chords leaving unable to sing or even speak properly.

She decided to take a short break, which turned into a lengthy hiatus as her “voice never came back”.

Appearing on Lorraine in 2018 the singer shared: “I was grieving that for years, believing I would never sing again.”

The singer was eventually diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia, a lifelong neurological condition causing nerve damage to her vocal chords, originally set on by the lyme disease.

With this diagnosis, Shania was able to start relevant treatments, therapies and even underwent a few surgeries to reclaim her voice.

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