Shane Johnson salary: How much is Shane Johnson paid for Power?

Shane Johnson salary: How much is Shane Johnson paid for Power?

January 16, 2021

Power Book II: Ghost: A look at the dramatic finale

Power Book II: Ghost recently wrapped up its first season with things left on a devastating note for Tariq St Patrick (played by Michael Rainey Jr) as his mother Tasha (Naturi Naughton) was taken into witness protection and he was pretty much left to his own devices. The plot orchestrated by Cooper Saxe (Shane Johnson) and Davis Maclean (Cliff “Method Man” Smith) to take him down failed and the teen got away with murder. Some fans of the Starz drama series are curious to know more about actor Johnson.

How much is Shane Johnson paid for Power?

Johnson has been part of the Power cast since the show first began back in 2014 and has pretty much appeared in every since episode of the Starz drama.

Since the beginning, he played antagonist Saxe who was hellbent on taking down the elusive drug dealer James “Ghost” St Patrick (Omari Hardwick).

As Power went on, Saxe became a more prominent character and was even one of the suspects in the central mystery surrounding the death of Ghost.

Saxe continued to play a major role in Book II as the story continued and the disgraced FBI attorney carried on waging war against the St Patricks in the hopes of taking them down.

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Johnson is likely to be earning a fair amount for his portrayal of Saxe now he is appearing in spin-off series Power Book II: Ghost.

Although figures aren’t readily available for Johnson’s salary, there are several factors which influence the amount a television actor can earn for a show with the first being their profile at the time of casting.

Those performers considered to wield more star power and have a higher profile can walk away with the bigger pay-packet than those actors who are lesser-known.

Prior to starring in Power, actor Johnson appeared across film and television in mainly bit parts which included Saving Private Ryan, Freaks and Geeks, Bones and CSI, among many others credits.

His first big role came in the 2012 TV series Easy To Assemble playing Grove Thorsten which have given him a boost.

However, after this he continued to have small roles in the likes of Scandal, Losing in Love and voicing video game characters for Rise of the Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and World of Final Fantasy.

Power in 2014 marked his biggest screen role to date and the one he had the longest.

Therefore, he may have been earning less when he first signed on to the show as he was relatively unknown.

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Another factor which impacts on stars’ salaries is their character’s prominence in a show with leads making more than recurring roles.

Saxe’s importance in Power grew over time and it’s likely this would have seen a fee increase for Johnson for his portrayal over time.

He also would be earning per episode he appeared in, so the more instalments he featured in the more Johnson would make.

The final thing to consider is the broadcaster with Starz being a cable subscription channel and so having more money to play with than the likes of traditional broadcasters relying on advertising revenue.

Starz and other cable channels have more money because of subscriptions and so can afford to pay their casts more.

However, streaming platforms are king when it comes to money with global subscriptions which mean they have the most amount of cash at their disposal.

According to The Hollywood Reporter from 2014, actors on cable shows can make an estimated £144,000 to £762,000 ($150,000 to $1,000,000) for every episode of a show they appear in.

Although this is a very large ballpark, Johnson would likely have started at the lower end of this and worked his way up.

Johnson has been given an estimated net worth of £2.1 million ($3 million) by site Article Bio. With Power being his biggest role to date, he could have been earning a couple of hundred thousand for each episode of the show.

Power Book II: Ghost is streaming on Starz and Starzplay via Amazon Prime Video

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