Serena Williams Was Excited for Her "Life" to "Begin" Before Announcing Tennis Retirement

Serena Williams Was Excited for Her "Life" to "Begin" Before Announcing Tennis Retirement

November 30, 2022

Serena Williams has said leaving tennis after a decades-long career is the most difficult thing she’s ever had to do, but in an interview recorded days before she officially announced her retirement in August, she revealed just how much she was also looking forward to setting down her racket.

In a new episode of The Business of Feelings podcast—which is part of Selena Gomez’s mental wellness company, Wondermind—the athlete spoke of her tennis career, noting that she always knew it had to end one day, and after so many years of training and competing and winning, and doing it all again, she was excited when that end finally came this year.

“My whole life that I can remember I’ve been getting up and training, or training mentally, for a goal, and so I think that day [when I retire] will be weird, but I also will be extremely excited, because my whole life, I’ve woken up and had to train for a goal or something, and this is the first day I won’t even have to think about it ever,” Williams told Wondermind cofounder and podcast host Daniella Pierson.

Williams voiced the same feelings in an essay she wrote revealing her retirement, adding that she was ready to invest more time in being a mother and a wife, as well as an entrepreneur and owner of Serena Ventures, her venture capital fund.

“It’s something that I’m actually super excited about, but at the same time, it’s mixed emotions. Like, I literally can’t wait, I am so excited,” Williams told Pierson about retiring from tennis. “I’m a Disney lover, and you know that Rapunzel song ‘When Will My Life Begin’?”

Williams initially said that the last tournament of her career would be this year’s US Open—and on her final match on September 2, she was given a grand, emotional farewell—but since then, she has made various comments that have made fans believe her time on the court may not be over after all. Still, as of now, she has not announced a return.

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