Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause slams ex Keo Motsepe ‘playing the victim’

Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause slams ex Keo Motsepe ‘playing the victim’

February 27, 2021

Chrishell Stause has taken to Instagram to slam her ex-boyfriend Keo Motsepe, accusing him of ‘playing the victim’ in their break-up. 

The Selling Sunset star, 39, took to her Instagram story to claim the 31-year-old Dancing With The Stars pro had been ‘lying’ about the circumstances of their split. 

She shared an extract from an E! News article which said the split was ‘friendly and cordial’ and was not a ‘messy’ break-up, adding: ‘Welp! How it started’. 

Chrishell then added a ‘How it’s going’ post, sharing a screenshot of an article in People which claimed that Keo was more serious about the relationship than Chrishell had been. 

She added: ‘Ok I TRULY wanted to keep this drama free, but playing the victim and bringing your mom into it is a step too far for me.

‘Taking the high road is overrated sometimes!! I was also 100% in it as well, until revelations told to me recently have made me question if you could even order a coffee without lying.’

Chrishell then shared a screenshot of a self-help page for ‘habitual liars’ with Beyonce and Shakira’s Beautiful Liar playing over the top. 

She also responded to messages from fans, with one saying: ‘I know ur upset but this isn’t from his own mouth who know who this person is and if this is an accurate representation of his feelings…’

Replying to the fan, she said: ‘I gathered all the facts before I posted. Don’t worry. I know exactly where it came from.’  

Another fan had written to her: ‘I think you’re too mature for all this. It’s best to ignore it, this kind of comes off childish.’

Chrishell wasn’t fazed, however, as she replied: ‘Yes I am aware. If I end up alone with cats – it was worth it. But I am also human and not a robot. 

‘When you are the a** in the breakup & then the other person tries to let you save face and take the high road publicly….probably best not to poke a bear holding receipts. 

‘I will try to be a better person tomorrow. Today wasn’t the day.’

Keo and Chrishell had fallen for each other while appearing on Dancing With The Stars last year, but according Us Weekly, they ended their relationship earlier this week after dating for three months. 

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