Sean Lock fought advanced lung cancer in secret for a ‘few years’ says pal Bill Bailey

Sean Lock fought advanced lung cancer in secret for a ‘few years’ says pal Bill Bailey

August 20, 2021

Sean Lock: 8 Out of 10 Cats comedian dies aged 58

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Sean Lock died surrounded by his family aged 58 after battling advanced lung cancer. Speaking out about his death, Bill Bailey said the late star’s cancer was told about his diagnosis “a few years ago”. He said: “He had been diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago and it was at the time quite a blow, particularly when it was quite advanced.

“We’ve tried to make the most of the last few years. We spent a lot of time together and went on trips together.

“And he’s continued to work.”

Bill added that Sean was “amazingly courageous” and a “tough individual who was mentally strong throughout the whole time”. 

In view of his 3.3 million followers, he wrote: “He went on to say he was “grateful” for the time they had together.

Following the news of his death, Bill also paid tribute on Twitter.

It’s heartbreaking to lose my dearest friend Sean Lock , he was a true original, a wonderful comic. All my thoughts are with his family.

“He was fearless and determined and that’s what gave them strength,” he added on ITV News.

Harry Hill commented: “He struggled with [the illness] – he went through all the same emotions anyone in that position would experience. But he was stoical about it.

“Because he was so bright, he read up on all the latest treatments.

“He knew much more about that side of medicine than I ever did.”

The 8 Out Of 10 Cats star was diagnosed with skin cancer in his later 20s.

Sean underwent a biopsy after a one night stand noticed a “black, misshapen and crusty” patch on his back.

A doctor concluded that the patch on his back was a malignant melanoma.

Sean went on to urge people to keep check themselves for any moles or unusual skin patches.

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