‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ Anastasiya Kvitko Flaunts Insane Hourglass Figure In Tight, Short Dress

‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ Anastasiya Kvitko Flaunts Insane Hourglass Figure In Tight, Short Dress

December 5, 2018

Anastasiya Kvitko has been dubbed the “Russian Kim Kardashian” for a reason and her extreme hourglass figure backs up the nickname. The Instagram model has made a name for herself in large part due to her busty bosom and bodacious booty and she knew just the pose to strike in her latest Instagram post to accentuate both of those jaw-dropping assets.

The Russian Instagram model loves to take a simple outfit from one of her favorite brands and elevate it to the next level by showcasing it on her sultry figure. Anastasiya Kvitko has done it before with bikinis, romper jumpsuits, lingerie, dresses, and denim shorts, and this time, it’s a relatively simple white dress that is getting the Kvitko treatment.

On Tuesday, Kvitko donned a Pretty Little Thing dress and did her thing. The photo she shared on Instagram shows her wearing the dress along with clear stiletto heels, some silver jewelry, and she had a white purse slung over her shoulder.

Kvitko was looking down and to her side rather than at the camera, and her long, dark hair was cascading over one shoulder. Anastasiya was posing with one leg slightly ahead of the other, a position that served to accentuate her curves.

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The Pretty Little Thing dress Kvitko was showcasing is the “White O Ring Zip Detail Bodycon Dress.” The garment is designed to hug one’s figure snugly and it features a high neckline, o-ring zipper detailing along the front of one’s thighs, and short sleeves. It may start out as a relatively simple piece, but when flaunted on a figure like Kvitko’s, it takes on an entirely new look.

Anastasiya had both zippers unzipped slightly to showcase a bit of extra skin and the dress tightly hugged her curvy hips and breasts. Kvitko didn’t share a view from the back, but it looks likely that it served to flaunt the Russian Instagram model’s booty in exactly the way that she loves best.

The “Russian Kim Kardashian” has amassed 9.1 million followers on Instagram and nearly everything she posts garners a lot of engagement. In this case, the tight white dress attracted nearly 160,000 likes in a mere 16 hours. In addition, Kvitko’s post brought in more than 2,000 comments and Anastasiya’s fans made it clear they thought she was on fire in this particular outfit.

Anastasiya Kvitko oozes with confidence and she is never shy about posting sultry photos showcasing her intense hourglass figure. Her millions of Instagram followers love her style and are always anxious to see what she will flaunt her physique in next.

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