Rob Rinder asks Phil Schofield and Eamonn Holmes to ‘wrestle’ their rift

Rob Rinder asks Phil Schofield and Eamonn Holmes to ‘wrestle’ their rift

June 27, 2023

Rob Rinder shared his opinion on the Phillip Schofield and Eamonn Holmes rift at the TRIC Awards (Television and Radio Industries Club awards).

The barrister also known as Judge Rinder, 45, on the TV series with the same name, commented on the former This Morning presenters.

He told The Sun at the TRIC Awards: “I should mediate some disputes while we’re here.

“Let’s not do it in court. Let’s do it the old fashioned way and wrestle or fence.”

Rob added that the pair should “wrestle each other” because “as a court, I would only bring cases and controversies that were brought to me”.

“All I want is people to have a hearing space and to talk.”

Rob became a regular host on Good Morning Britain last year.

The alleged rift comes after Eamonn was vocal about the former Dancing On Ice presenter who quit ITV after he admitted to a relationship with a younger male colleague.

Before his resignation, many fans had commented on the changed dynamic between Phillip and Holly Willoughby.

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Several former presenters and guests also spoke about the environment on This Morning.

Last month, health expert Dr. Ranj posted to Instagram about his time on the show which he described as “toxic” and that he was “managed out” after attempting to raise his concerns.

At the time ITV shared that they had looked into the allegations made by the doctor and that the “external review found no evidence of bullying or discrimination.”

Eamonn also used the word “toxic” when he revealed on the Blethered podcast: “The abuses in workplaces of how people are treated by a lot of big companies is scandalous really.”

“I do like representing people that don’t have a voice, who aren’t represented and have nobody to speak for them.”

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Speaking to Sean McDonald, he added: “But I only stand up against bad people, and I think there are quite a lot of bad people.”

His shocking comments came one day after he declared to “know the truth” about the This Morning investigation into Phil’s affair.

He told GB News last week: “There’s a scene in a Few Good Men where Jack Nicholson shouts ‘You can’t handle the truth’. Well, I know the truth and I know what the truth is.

“I know what I know and they [ITV] don’t seem to know a lot.”

The former This Morning presented continued: “People take sides on these things whether it’s the Boris business or the Phillip Schofield business. But people can’t handle the truth.”

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