Richard Madden Is Single Now

Richard Madden Is Single Now

January 13, 2019

Recent Golden Globe-winner Richard Madden plays that pale n’ sexy, vulnerability-enhanced-by-his-PTSD, white knight-with-the-tight-ass cop on Netflix’s Bodyguard. Not being a Game of Thrones stan, I hadn’t encountered Li’ Richie (he’s 5’10) until I started watching him trying to keep England’s fictional Home Secretary lady alive on the show. And immediately wished that Richard was trying to keep ME alive! And had to use his “todger” to do it! (Keeping with the British theme here.) And it could happen! Why? Because Richard’s single again, according to The Sun. Some fool dumped his ass.

Richard was reportedly given his severance by actress Ellie Bamber last month. The reason given? They had grown “worlds apart.” It almost might have something to do with Ellie being 21, and Richard being 32. What 21-year-old wants to be tied down to some dude when she could be down the pub, banging back pints with her friends, and checking out all the hot arse available to a successful young actress?

Ellie didn’t accompany Richard to the Globes this year (which is probably why that Fiji Water Girl chick thought she could try and muscle in), and a “source” confirmed that they’re no longer together.

Last night a source close to him said: “They’re both absolutely gutted but it was a decision made for the best.

“They were arguing almost daily towards the end and, despite considering couples’ therapy, it became evident there were far too many issues that could not be fixed.

“Richard is the toast of Hollywood at the moment, and understandably wants to let his hair down.

But it was Les Miserables’ Ellie who pressed the eject button on their 18-month-long relationship.

“Ellie is a bit quieter, and wants to focus purely on her work. It felt like their day-to-day lives were increasingly becoming worlds apart.

“They were pretty inseparable from the day they met — and their friends and family had all merged — so obviously everyone around them is gutted too.”

The source says that the couple hopes to “remain friends.” Yeah, sure, ok. We all know the real reason for the split is because every rando chick in the street was rolling up on Richard and (BODYGUARD SPOILER ALERT) imitating what the Home Secretary Lady was doing with her fingers in that one scene in the doorway between their hotel rooms. And Bambi had enough of that bullshit!

Home Secretary Julia Montague (played by Keeley Hawes) let her fingers do the talking in that scene! Which is exactly what this blogger would have done. Except, I’d have to reach around back and that probably wouldn’t have been as sexy and, in fact, would have been rather off-putting unless tastefully filmed.


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