Richard E Grant reveals what it’s really like to attend the Oscars

Richard E Grant reveals what it’s really like to attend the Oscars

March 21, 2019

Awestruck by the A-listers surrounding him at the Oscars, Richard E Grant describes how he felt as if he’d accidentally ended up in a Madame Tussaud’s exhibition…

It doesn’t help that some of the stars’ cosmetic enhancements leaves them looking less lifelike.

The actor, who was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category, was so starstruck as he took selfies with some of his favourite icons including Barbra Streisand, one critic accused him of being a “wily crocodile-eyed old veteran trying to secure more last minute votes”.

He says he was actually “like a six year old trapped in a 61-year-old body”.

“I had psychoanalysis when I was 41,” he explains. “He said I was emotionally stuck at 17 years old. So long as you are not hurting or murdering anyone, stay in that zone.”

Of the ceremony itself, he quipped at a talk in London: “It’s an extraordinary thing, being at the actual Oscars is like being at Madame Tussaud’s live.”

To chortles, he added: “Except some people do literally look like waxworks, from whichever angle you look.

“Seeing all these people that you’ve admired or newly admire all in one room… was a real pinch yourself thing.”

Meanwhile, for his next role, Richard could be about to reprise his role as the Spice Girls manager from Spiceworld The Movie – perhaps on their upcoming tour.

“Geri called me yesterday actually for the first time in 20 years,” he hints, though declined to divulge details except to say: “I could not get a word in edge ways…”

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