Regé-Jean Page: How Bridgerton success could shape Regé-Jean Page’s future – ‘A star’

Regé-Jean Page: How Bridgerton success could shape Regé-Jean Page’s future – ‘A star’

January 14, 2021

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Regé-Jean Page’s career has launched into the mainstream amid the success of Bridgerton on Netflix, which is set in the Regency era in Britain. On the series, he plays the role of the Duke of Hastings, a mysterious young suitor who returns to England amid the start of debutantes season – where those who are of age enter society. But how could the actor be impacted by his newfound fame?

Since its release last month, many of the Bridgerton stars’ careers have been propelled into the mainstream.

Regé has since become one of many audiences favourites of the cast of Bridgerton alongside Phoebe Dynevor (Daphne Bridgerton) Nicola Coughlan (Penelope Featherington) as well as Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton).

So what does the future hold for the budding star? spoke to Media Consultant Jayjay Epega on what Regé’s success could look in the wake of Bridgerton’s popularity.

Jayjay explained: “The irony of hitting ‘overnight’ mega-fame via the sensation of Netflix’s mega-hit Bridgerton which within a month will reach at least 63 million households globally, all done without a big public red carpet launch, press screenings etc., encapsulates the immense power of the digital age and social media impact we now live in.

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“In fact, the pandemic has made the ‘overnight’ fame more intense as we are all at home and constantly watching our various screens, makes for a much bigger audience, and what better way to escape!

“Fame in this situation is actually a blessing in disguise, – so much easier to adjust one’s thinking, manoeuvre and cope with it.

“As it enables time to digest the accolades – no constant parties or launches to attend, just lots of Zoom interviews – and yet the result is the same.

“It’s so much quicker and easier than having to attend the opening of every envelope! Mastering, the fame, will be much easier to cope with.”

Before he found fame on Bridgerton, Regé had previously been a part of TV series For The People as Leonard Knox.

He also featured on British drama series Waterloo Road alongside his fellow Bridgeton co-star Phoebe Dynevor who played Siobhan Mailey.

Jayjay went on to talk of how Regé’s portrayal on the now popular Netflix series has meant he could be in the running for the next 007, saying: “Regé is of a new generation, he has leading man quality written all over him.

“Just look at his eyebrow lift, doesn’t that remind you of the late great Roger Moore? He’s got moves. Good moves.

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“His confidence and charisma is effortless. That is so Bond. You can see it comes naturally.

“That would carry well into the role. He is a hidden gem. I would absolutely say he’d be in the running. The producers will be watching.

“Regé’s character, Simon Basset, The Duke of Hastings is adored by many, look at his popularity. It’s organic, it’s real.

“Bond is a hero, and Regé has become a real-life romantic hero of sorts. What a wonderful diversion. Everyone wants to be rescued by James Bond, he fits the mould.

“A personality that is masterful in the art of absolute seduction (via the screen), transcends race and draws a global audience – that’s it.

“That’s James Bond. That’s Regé. A star is truly born.”

Bridgerton is available to watch now on Netflix.

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