Ray J Details Struggle With Pre-Diabetes, Reveals How He Beat The Condition

Ray J Details Struggle With Pre-Diabetes, Reveals How He Beat The Condition

December 3, 2018

When most fans see Ray J, they see a picture of perfect health, but behind closed doors, things were quite different. According to Hip Hop DX, the singer/reality star recently faced a serious health scare. It has been reported that the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes. As a result of the condition, Ray J reportedly spiraled into a deep depression.

When Ray J recently appeared on BET’s Raq Rants, he opened up about his condition during a discussion with the show’s host, Raquel Harper. On the episode, which is set to air this coming Tuesday, Ray J revealed he was on the verge of diabetes. Initially, Ray J was stricken by the condition, but now he’s making strides to combat it. According to TMZ, Ray J has revealed how he’s managed to overcome the pre-diabetes diagnosis. The “Wait A Minute” singer’s new daily routine includes healthier eating and frequent trips to the gym. While the task is not an easy feat, Ray has admitted that having supportive friends has made the process a bit easier.

He admitted he’s not the type of person who enjoys the gym. In fact, he even went a step further, admitting that the idea of going to the gym was depressing for him. However, it is a mandatory life change he has to embrace in order to live a healthier life. “I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes,” Ray told Raquel. “It’s important for me to get back in the gym. I didn’t want to get back in the gym, I was depressed about it. You need friends around you that not only support and be there for you but pushes you to be better.”

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It has been reported that Ray J is now working with his best friend and fitness instructor, Jas Mathur. Now, Ray J works out six to seven days a week, incorporating cardio into his daily exercise routines. In addition to hitting the gym, Ray J has also eliminated junk food and alcohol from his diet. The diagnosis has also motivated Ray J to help others and raise awareness about the importance of health and fitness. He and Jas have started a new business called Limitless. The company will reportedly offer an array of fitness products. Ray J explained, it’s “… not just supplements, it’s a whole team.”

The next episode of Raq Rants airs on BET this Tuesday at 11 p.m EST.

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